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In 2017, the Queen Mary purchased the Churchill War Rooms set from the film 'Darkest Hour'. The War Rooms exhibit is now part of the Queen Mary's 'Their Finest Hours' exhibit aboard the famous liner.

Their FInest Hours

The Churchill War Rooms were recreated as a movie set for the film 'Darkest Hour' starring Gary Oldman. The Queen Mary purchased the set which is now on display aboard the ship in Long Beach, California. The original Churchill War Rooms in London were used by Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Second World War. He used them as his underground bunker for the cabinet meetings of the British Government. The Churchill Museum is also on the same site and is part of the Imperial War Museums, London.

Visit the recreation of the secret WWII bunker that tells the story of Winston Churchill’s life and legacy.
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International Churchill Society

Help us keep the memory of Winston Churchill alive.

The International Churchill Society (ICS) is a membership and educational organisation with the mission to keep the memory of Winston Churchill alive and keep the record accurate. ICS members receive our quarterly journal 'Finest Hour', The Journal of Winston Churchill.

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Queen Mary

The Queen Mary was an oceangoing liner of Cunard Lines, that was retired in 1967. She is now used as a conference centre and hotel. Historical tours are given and now include the recreation film set of the Churchill War Rooms. Many historical artefacts are part of the exhibit aboard the famous liner.

With our vision to develop an interactive museum and science center that will dedicate approximately 65,000 square feet to educational classrooms, 4D theater, and museum-quality exhibition spaces for in-house curated installations as well as traveling shows we hope to continue to restore, preserve and present the Queen Mary, its archival collection and educational areas that focus on the sciences

The Queen Mary is now permanently moored in Long Beach, California.

Darkest Hour

‘Darkest Hour’ is a film starring Gary Oldman that was released in December 2017 and depicts the first days of  Churchill as Prime Minister in May of 1940. The Queen Mary purchased the film set of the Churchill War Rooms which is now exhibited on board the famous luxury liner.

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