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St Martin’s Church, Bladon The final resting place of Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is buried, alongside other members of the Churchill family, at St Martin’s, Bladon, just outside Blenheim Palace grounds.  A small church in a village of just under eight hundred people, it welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world every year to the burial place of Winston Churchill and the Churchill family and is a part of the Benefice of Blenheim, a group of five parishes just north of Oxford.

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Blenheim Palace Home of the Dukes of Marlborough

Blenheim Palace is a World Heritage Site and home to the 13th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

Queen Anne and a grateful nation gifted Blenheim Palace to the 1st Duke of Marlborough for his great victory at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. A true masterpiece of Baroque architecture, Blenheim Palace delivers an awe-inspiring experience for visitors and is surrounded with over 2000 acres of ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped Parkland and Formal Gardens.

Sir Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace in 1874. Grandson of the 7th Duke, he was also a close friend of the 9th Duke and Duchess. Winston spent a considerable amount of time at the Palace throughout his life and proposed to his wife Clementine in the Temple of Diana.

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Churchill Archives Centre The home of the Churchill papers and many others archives

The Churchill Archives Centre is located on the campus of Churchill College, Cambridge. It was originally built in 1973 to house nearly 3000 boxes of Churchill documents. It has now become a repository of nearly 600 other collections of documents from key political and historical figures such as former British prime minister Margret Thatcher. It is an indispensable resource for authors, historians and researchers.

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Address: Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS
Telephone: +44 (01223) 336087

Churchill War Rooms The underground bunker hosted WWII Cabinet meetings

Churchill War Rooms, part of Imperial War Museums (IWM), includes the original Cabinet War Rooms, the wartime bunker which sheltered Churchill and his staff during the Blitz. These historic rooms once buzzed with planning and plotting, strategies and secrets. Today visitors can explore the underground headquarters for themselves, see where Churchill and his War Cabinet met, sometimes late into the night, and look through the lens of history into the Map Room, where the books and charts have remained exactly where they were left on the day the lights were switched off in 1945.

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Chartwell Churchill's country house is part of the National Trust

Chartwell was Churchill’s house in Kent and is now preserved as an historic property by the National Trust. It is consistently one of their most visited sites. The house was purchased by Winston Churchill in 1922 and he used it as his main base during the ‘20s and ‘30s for writing, painting and entertaining. It was a significant drain on his finances until it was purchased for the Trust by a group of Churchill’s friends and admirers in 1946, on condition that Churchill and his wife could continue to live there for their lifetimes. Lady Churchill presented it to the Trust immediately after Churchill’s death in 1965.

America’s National Churchill Museum Site of Winston Churchill's historic 'Iron Curtain' speech

America’s National Churchill Museum (ANCM) is located on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri in the United States. The NCM is the historic site where Winston Churchill gave one of his most famous speeches. On 5 March 1946, at the invitation of President Harry Truman, Churchill addressed the crowd and presented the speech he knew as the ‘Sinews of Peace’ speech, which later became known for a phrase that he used: ‘Iron Curtain’.

“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent…”

The famous phrase of Churchill’s that gave his speech it’s colloquial name was, ‘An Iron Curtain has descended across the Continent,’ which in essence marked the beginning of the Cold War between the west and the (now former) Soviet Union. Churchill’s speech has forever linked Fulton and Westminster College with Winston Churchill.

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National Churchill Leadeship Center Speakers, leaders and authors from around the globe

The National Churchill Leadership Center (NCLC) at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. is the first major research facility in the United States capital dedicated to the study of Winston Churchill. The Center, through its collections, interdisciplinary academic programmes and educational exhibits, will offer GW students, faculty, researchers and the public the opportunity to come together as a community and immerse themselves in discussions and scholarship infused with the ideas of citizenship and leadership exemplified by Churchill. The NCLC opened in 2016.

Find out more about the National Churchill Leadership Center. To plan your visit and explore more about the NCLC, please also visit The George Washington University website.

Address: 2130 H St NW, Washington, D.C. 20052, USA
Telephone: +1-202-929-0309

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