August 24, 2021

The entire Churchill Archive has been digitised and is now online and available free of charge to schools worldwide until 31 December 2020. The digital archive is normally only available only by annual subscription. However, this project was very generously funded by Laurence Geller CBE, Chairman of the Churchill Centre. To read a letter of thanks from the Chairman of the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust to Mr Geller, follow this link.

For Access, registration needs to be completed on The Churchill Archive for Schools website here.

Bloomsbury Publishing created The Churchill Archive for Schools website in partnership with the Churchill Archives and The Churchill Centre. The Churchill Archive for Schools website has a wealth of classroom-ready resources for teachers and students. The website provides an expanding range of resources specially written and developed by leading history educators to support the teaching of History at the secondary level.

The Churchill Archive for Schools provides teachers and students with an accessible and exciting entry point into the complete online Churchill Archive, which is now available free of charge.

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What is the Churchill Archive?

Churchill Archives
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The Churchill Archive is a digital library containing more than 800,000 pages of original documents including Churchill’s private letters, speeches, telegrams, manuscripts, government transcripts and other key historical documents produced between 1874 and 1965.
The Archive is a treasure-trove for historians, including students at school level and is much more than just the personal collection of one prominent man. The documents can be used to reveal much more about Churchill, his times and the people around him. Working with the archive is an excellent training ground for young historians, and it is also excellent training in problem-solving and lateral thinking.

How to gain free access to the complete online Churchill Archive

The Churchill Archive is now available free of charge to schools worldwide (normally available by annual subscription) until 31 December 2020, exclusively through JSC Online Resources.

To gain full access to the Churchill Archive for free, simply register your details online here or contact them via email here.

Find out more about the Churchill Archives Centre at Cambridge University here.

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