January 1, 1970

Finest Hour 154 Now Available!

Finest Hour
, the Journal of Winston Churchill, has found and published all the photographs of Churchill by Yousuf Karsh after the Prime Minister’s “Some Chicken—Some Neck!” speech in Ottawa, Canada in December 1941.

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For years the world has known only the famous “Angry Lion,” the quintessential Churchill photo showing all of the subject’s grit and determination—and, to a lesser extent, the “Smiling Lion,” which supposedly was the second and final 1941 Karsh photograph.

Not so! Karsh actually snapped seven photographs on that famous occasion—and now for the first time all are published together—along with Karsh’s personal recollections of the experience.

Finest Hour 154 also contains ten new articles on American-Canadian-British relations—detailed in the introduction. Included is a stimulating reflection on the Anglo-American “Special Relationship” by former British Ambassador to Washington Sir David Manning.

Manning is a friend of America, but not an uncritical one: “What are we to make, he asks, “of a United States that runs up massive debts, flirts generously with default, and whose political system now seems to many outsiders so polarized that effective government is paralyzed?”

Nevertheless, Manning warns: “Britons need to work harder at [the U.S. relationship] than Americans because the truth is that it matters more to us than to them….If the UK does not remain a capable security partner, we risk irrelevance.”

Also in this issue is an impressive account of Canada’s contributions in war right on up to Afghanistan, and Canada’s support of Britain—greater per-capita than any other nation—in World War II. There is a mixed review of the film “The Iron Lady”; five reviews of new Churchill books; and the usual array of Q&As, Churchill quotations, a history quiz, and “Churchill in the News.”

Attached with compliments is one article from this issue: “Winston Churchill and the Raid on Dieppe.”

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