June 20, 2015

Finest Hour 100, Autumn 1998

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TORONTO, MAY 29TH— Dr. John H. Mather of the Churchill Center Board of Governors addressed a dinner gathering of eighty members of The Other Club of Ontario and Albany Club at the Albany Club tonight. National anthems of Canada and the United States were sung by Solveig Barber.

Introduced by John Plumpton of ICS, Canada, Dr. Mather spoke on his research into the illness of Lord Randolph Churchill, who died aged only 46 from what was thought to have been syphilis. John Mather convincingly argued that this is not the case and that symptoms more likely indicate a brain disorder. (See also FH 93.) A livery Q&A session followed. Randy Barber, president of ICS, Canada, thanked John and his wife Dr. Sue Mather for joining us.

Randy also paid tribute to outgoing president B e r n i e Webber, who is now relieved by Bill Williams. To thank B e r n i e, Randy presented him with a bottle of Churchill Port. When Bernie Webber assumed the presidency, membership was so small that the group was known as The Other Club of Toronto. Under Bernie’s leadership, our rolls grew to encompass all of Ontario. Bernie’s tenure covered almost seven years, including two International Conferences: Calgary in 1994 and Toronto in 1997, in both of which he played a major organizing role.

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BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 2ND— Forty New England members and friends gathered tonight at the Harvard Club to mark the Centenary of the Battle of Omdurman, with a fine speech by Eugenia Kiesling, Associate Professor of History at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, who took as her subject what may well be true: “The Last Celebration of Omdurman.” Her penetrating, witty remarks were much appreciated. This week also marked The Churchill Center’sfirst participation, as a related organization, in the American Political Science Association meeting. On the 3rd, the CC sponsored a panel, “Churchill at War on the Nile 1898-1998,” chaired by Michael Barone of the Reader’s Digest and the “McLaughlin Group.” The Claremont Institute hosted another panel, “Churchill’s Life of Marlborough,” on the same day. A reception was later held for CC participants.


Area members may wish to save these dates:

April 17th, Bath Maine: Members are invited to attend the launching ceremonies of USS Winston S. Churchill, with our Patron, Lady Soames, at Bath Iron Works. Bath is about three hours by car from Boston and less than an hour from Portland. The date is tentative, because of the remaining possibility that the “powers” may wish to postpone it a week for the 50th anniversary of NATO. To help judge numbers, please let us know if you plan to come. Telephone us at (603) 746-4433 weekdays.

Boston, late May: The Editor is invited to discuss his new book, A Connoisseur’s Guide to the Books of Sir Winston Churchill, at the Boston Athenaeum. CC members will receive invitations.

UK, 1999

This will be a busy year for ICS, UK, which is hosting its third International Churchill Conference in seven years on July 22-25 in Bath. Helpers are needed! Contact Nigel Knocker, address on page 2.

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