June 21, 2015

Finest Hour 100, Autumn 1998

Page 53

BY CURT ZOLLER ([email protected])

Erratum: In issue 99,1 mistakenly re-ran Churchilltrivia from issue 98. This installmant continues the proper sequence with question 889. My apologies to readers. -Ed.

Test your knowledge! Most questions can be answered in back issues of Finest Hour or other Churchill Center publications, but it’s not really cricket to check. 24 questions appear each issue, answers in the following issue. Questions are in six categories: Contemporaries (C), Literary (L), Miscellaneous (M), Personal (P), Statesmanship (S), War (W).

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889. After Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, whom did he appoint as his Naval Secretary? (C)

890. How old was WSC when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature? (L)

891. Which Monarch told Churchill: “Antwerp and Gallipoli, both conceived by you, were in my opinion the two master-strokes of the war”? (M)

892. What was Clementine Churchill’s mother’s maiden name? (P)

893. Professor Kirk Emmert lists the moral and political virtues of great political leaders, such as Churchill or Marlborough, in his essay “The Peaceful Purposes of Empire.” What are they? (S)

894. Whom did Lord Mountbatten replace when he was appointed Commodore and Advisor, Combined Operations, on 19 October 1941? (W)

895. What name did Churchill call Sir John Cunningham? (C)

896. Who edited Winston Churchill’s Complete Speeches ? (L)

897. Who was First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff when Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty in 1939? (M)

898. In 1955 Churchill received the first Williamsburg Award from the Trustees of Colonial Williamsburg. What is the Award’s purpose? (P)

899. On 25 June 1907, Churchill commented memorably on the House of Lords. What did he say? (S)

900. What was the Calais Mutiny? (W)

901. When did the Churchills’ daughter Marigold die? (C)

902. When was the first volume of Marlborough published? (L)

903. Where is the Churchill Porch? (M)

904. Sotheby recently sold a car owned by Churchill. What make was it? (P)

905. In early April 1941 Churchill wrote Stalin, warning of the relocation of up to five Panzer Division to southern Poland for a probable attack on the Soviet Union. Who held up this message repeatedly until April 19th? (S)

906. Define “Operation Catherine.” (W)

907. To whom did Churchill refer in December 1940 as “…a lunatic in a country of lunatics”? (C)

908. In a 1953 speech to the Conservative Party, Churchill said, “I am always chary about loading a speech with percentages.” What did he like in his speeches? (L)

909. When did Lord Randolph Churchill marry Jennie Jerome? (M)

910. Who quotes Churchill as saying, “he thinks it is a brave thing to ride in triumph through Persepolis”? (P)

911. Did Churchill cite the Government’s moral or political weakness when urging negotiations with Sinn Fein in May 1921? (S)

912. In September 1942 a German decrypt snowed that the 8th Army knew the outline and original date of the Alam el Haifa attack. Whom did Churchill blame as being too free with Enigma intelligence information? (W)

Answers to Churchilltrivia in FH 99:

(865) Churchill attended the Kiel Regatta in 1914 as guest of Kaiser Wilhelm. (866) The Chartwell Bulletins were letters Churchill wrote to his wife from Chartwell commenting on everything from politics to Mary’s pug committing “indiscretions” on the carpet. (867) Mougins, France, erected a V-sign memorial to Churchill. (868) WSC appeared on seven covers of Time magazine and as part of an eighth cover. (869) Churchill considered Lend-Lease the “most unsordid act.”

(870) Churchill wore the naval uniform of an Elder Brother of Trinity House, a double breasted, brass buttoned jacket and military cap with small round insignia, when he met FDR. (871) The Coronation March was composed when Churchill became Knight of the Garter. (872) Lord Randolph Churchill was the last literary work Churchill wrote without research assistants. (873) The statues of FDR and WSC on Bond Street are by the American sculptor Lawrence Holofcener. (874) Churchill preferred Camacho and Romeo y Julieta cigars.

875) Churchill’s leadership was in the tradition of Edmund Burke, 1729-1797. (876) Field Cornet Sarel Oosthuizen, not Louis Botha, captured Churchill during the Boer War. (877) Isaiah Berlin immortalized Churchill thus in Mr. Churchill in 1940. (878) A. Marshall Diston was editor of Answers, who wrote several partial and complete articles which were allegedly passed on as Churchill’s. (879) The York LV633 named “Ascalon” and a C54 Skymaster EW999 were assigned to Churchill.

(880) Churchill’s maiden speech was on 18 February 1901. (881) In the “Armistice Dream,” key statesmen of World War I congregate on an island in the English Channel, leaving partisanship and selfish interests behind. (882) “There is only one thing certain about war, that it is full of disappointments and also full of mistakes.” (883) Lady Churchill was sponsored into the House of Lords by Lords Normanbrook and Ismay. (884) British title of While England Slept is Arms and the Covenant.

(885) Vice President Henry Wallace was against an Anglo-American bloc. (886) The Churchills were married on 12 September 1908. (887) On 11 November 1947 in the House of Commons, Churchill said, “We hold that there ought to be a constant relationship between the rulers and the people. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, still remains the sovereign definition of democracy.” (888) The message/’This is a time to think of Clive and Peterborough” was sent to Gen. Wilson on 13 September 1943, suggesting the capture of Rhodes.

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