June 21, 2015

Finest Hour 100, Autumn 1998

Page 62

As with most publications, FH wasn’t always what it should have been…

“What might have been Churchill’s recommendation for America in Vietnam? One strongly suspects he might have said the United States ought to press on and finish it.”
-FH 23, Jan-Mar 1972

“Did Nixon listen to WSC? ‘Never give in! Never, never, never, never… except to convictions of honour and good sense.'”
-FH 31, Oct-Dec 1974

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“Prince Charles could not have made a better choice. His lady already demonstrates the uncommon but vital talent to bear the strains of awesome responsibility with the warm humanity that is the mark of the present Queen’s reign.”
-FH 34, Winter 1981

“Thank you for returning my letter to The Hon. Eustace Gibbs, so stupidly addressed to Contoocook, New Hampshire.* I am afraid it will not be possible for The Prince of Wales to accept honorary membership in the Society.” -Hon. Edward Adeane, Buckingham Palace

*Mr. Adeane had directed a letter inquiring as to ICS’s bona fides to “The Hon. Eustace Gibbs, British Embassy, Contoocook, New Hampshire.”

“What an unbelievable & utterly appalling error! Like writing a piece about Henry Bernard Shaw or Franklin D. Kennedy! You must apologize openly & pro-fusely. With (otherwise) kind regards.” -Alistair Cooke

* After we ran an article in FH #80 on David Low, entitled, “Cartoon Critic Sidney Low.”

“As a physician who has watched countless numbers of people suffer and die because they wouldn’t stop smoking, I am disgusted to see the two ridiculous items regarding smoking on pages 5 and 8 of issue #84. Do you really think Churchill or Brunei would object to any deemphasis of smoking materials for children? If your answer is yes then you discredit these men as well as yourself.” -Dr. Eric Minde, Pittsburgh, Pa.
-FH 85,1995

“Sir Robert Rhodes James and the editor admit we misdated Churchill’s first speech as Prime Minister. (“You ask what is our policy?”). Of course it was on 13 May 1940, not 4 June. Mutually we hang our heads.”
-FH 93,1997

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