June 21, 2015

Finest Hour 100, Autumn 1998

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Catalogue numbers are Scott (#) or Stanley Gibbons (sg). A slash mark (/) indicates a set with a common design from which any value is usable. Cams and Minkus catalogue numbers are sometimes used, and are identified by name.

When queried about a posthumous American decoration long after his death, Sir Winston’s daughter Lady Soames said that it was superfluous, since her father regarded Honorary American Citizenship as the highest accolade he could have received, near the end of his life, from the “Great Republic” in which he held such faith.

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265. The numerous stamps picturing both Churchill and Kennedy, who died within fifteen months of each other, are ideal for these pages covering the Honorary Citizenship bestowed upon WSC by JFK in April 1963. The text is from Kennedy’s presentation; the stamps are Panama, Minkus catalogue 929 (perf and imperf); and a spurious but interesting Manama silver foil “stamp,” overprinted for Apollo 13, Carus catalogue 414b.

266. A continuation of Kennedy’s speech is illustrated with the Manama gold foil Apollo 13 overprint, counterpart to the previous issue, Minkus 101, Carus 107. The Kennedy stamps overprinted In Memoriam to Sir Winston are Sharjah Minkus 13840 (sg 127-29). Both Manama and Sharjah were Arab Trucial states, their stamps issued mainly for sale to collectors.

267. Every possible variation was tried by the collector-bilking Trucial States. This colorful souvenir sheet, first issued in 1968 and depicting Churchill and Adenauer in gold foil, was overprinted “Apollo 13 1970.” It is listed only in Carus: 414p.

268. Anguilla #198a (sg MS187) is a colorful allegorical, biographical souvenir sheet, suitable for a broad statement like the Resolution of Thanks upon Churchill’s retirement as a Member of Parliament. It includes all the stamps of the 1974 commemorative set, nicely illustrating the words of appreciation.

269. Churchill died 24 January 1965. Ajman, a prolific Churchill issuer, illustrated his birth sign, Sagittarius, on Minkus 667, Carus 799, and its accompanying souvenir sheet. The Bernard Levin quote about chipped granite is suitably illustrated by any Gibraltar issue showing the famous “rock.”

270. Numerous stamps depict Churchill’s Lying in State in Westminster Hall. Those shown here are Umm Al Qiwain, Minkus 68 (sg 67) and the revalued successor issue, Minkus 68A (sg 67A); Maldive Islands #202, 204-05 (sg 205, 207-08); and Antigua #351 (sg 410).

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