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Finest Hour 53

Churchill and the Baltic, Footnotes

FOOTNOTES – Part I, Finest Hour #53, p. 13.
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Churchill and the Baltic, Part II: 1931-1950

“There Was No Doubt Where The Right Lay”

Finest Hour 54, Winter 1986-1987


BALTIC historians, in their partisanship, have tended to see Britain’s prewar policy toward Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the worst light. “Great Britain generally supported the Baltic States morally but did not commit herself economically,” wrote one of these in 1980. How may we reconcile that with a statement in the same article: “The British had made considerable investments in the Baltic countries?”1 In fact, Britain was the largest or second-largest Baltic trading partner throughout the inter-war period, and British trade agreements with Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia offered tariff concessions on many British exports.2 Read More >

Churchill and the Baltic, Part I: 1918-1931

“Very Lively and Truculent”

Finest Hour 53, Autumn 1986

Part I

MY GRANDFATHER sailed into Riga in the intoxicating spring of the Latvian Republic to look up distant relatives, trying to track the Latvian branch of his heritage. He told me of it 30 years later: an “eastern Paris,” filled with parks and wide streets, fashionable shops and peasant markets, dignified buildings and handsome people; a bustling harbor that handled more timber than any other port in Europe. He remembered the confidence and hope, the exuberance and patriotism, the burgeoning realization that after 700 years Latvians were masters of their land. They could not know that their freedom would be measured by scarcely a generation. Read More >

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