April 12, 2010

Churchill Centre South Texas

By Donald E. Jakeway

12 April 2010

On April 7th, approximately 100 Churchill Centre South Texas and Winston Churchill High School friends attended a special celebration to dedicate the “Sir Winston S. Churchill – Memorial Wall” on the campus of the school in San Antonio.

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Marcus Frost from Mexia, Texas and a member of the Board of Directors, attended the ceremony representing The Churchill Centre & Museum.

Jonathan Sandys, Sir Winston’s Great Grandson, was also in attendance as he thanked everyone for “this wonderful tribute to his Great Grandfather!” His grandfather Lord Duncan-Sandys, married Churchill’s first child, Diana, in 1935. Jonathan’s father, Julian Sandys QC, was a barrister in London.

As part of the ceremony, financial scholarships were awarded to two Churchill High School students.

The “Memorial Wall” is comprised of over 40 pieces of art, photographs and original Winston Churchill memorabilia (donated from the private collection of Don Jakeway) highlighting the 90 year life of Sir Winston from his birth November 30, 1874 to his death January 24, 1965. “We are very proud of the completed project, and the two scholarships that were awarded tonight,” said Churchill Centre South Texas, President, Don Jakeway. Don also reminded everyone that on April 9, 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed Winston Churchill an “Honorary Citizen” of the United States of America. “The project has taken a year and a half to complete and I want to thank everyone from around the country who donated their time and money to make this a reality,” Jakeway said.


Winston Churchill High School was created in 1966 and is a part of the North East Independent School District, in San Antonio. The school has won many academic and athletic honors and is one of four such high schools in the United States named after the former Prime Minister.

After the ceremony, over 50 people met at the “Lion & Rose Pub” for a private reception and to discuss future Churchill Centre activities. As an added attraction, the Lion & Rose Pub placed their London, Double Decker bus at the school so everyone could get a real “London” experience!

I would like to especially thank Jeff Vaughan, Principle, Randy Pommerening and Terri Moran at Churchill High for all of their support!

Click here to view photos of the event.

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Donald E. Jakeway

Churchill Centre South Texas

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