November 16, 2010

The Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Society of British Columbia

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting


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Held at The Vancouver Club, Vancouver, B.C.


November 16, 2010


The President, Mr. Christopher Hebb, welcomed those in attendance, and called the meeting to order at 7:45 P.M.


MOVED by Mr. Richard Vogel, Q.C. that the Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting be approved as circulated. CARRIED.


The President stated that membership in the Society stood at 118 families as of September 30, 2010. The President reported on the activities of the Society over the past year. He also stated that the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Fund at The Vancouver Foundation, which provides the funding for the scholarships awarded pursuant to the Churchill Essay Contest, had assets of approximately $48,000 as of September 30, 2010.


Highlights of the Financial Statements of the Society as of September 30, 2010 were outlined by Mr. Hebb, including that the Society’s assets had been maintained at approximately $17,000 during the last fiscal year. This was despite the Society having donated $5,500 to the Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Memorial Fund to increase the endowment for the award of the Society’s two scholarships. Mr. Hebb stated that the Society’s Treasurer, Mr. Pedro Villa, who is out of town, had done an excellent job over the past fiscal year and expressed his thanks to Mr. Villa on behalf of the Society. Mr. Hebb then offered to answer Members questions on the Financial Statements, but there were none. The President then called on the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee to report on the Committee’s activities.


Mr. Ian Marshall, the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, stated that essays had been submitted by students from both the University of British Columbia (“UBC”) and Simon Fraser University (“SFU”). Mr Marshall then presented the $1,500 First Prize scholarship cheque, the Churchill Communication Challenge Trophy, and a personalized etched glass award to Dr. V. Jungic, who accepted these awards on behalf of his son Mr. Ozren Jungic, formerly of SFU and now studying at the University of Oxford. His First Prize paper was entitled: “A Confluence of Objectives: British Policy Towards Yugoslavia During the Second World War”. Dr. Jungic delivered a message from his son to the assembled Members and guests.


Mr. Marshall also presented the $750 Second Prize scholarship cheque and a personalized etched glass award to Mr. Robert Gagliano, formerly of UBC, who also briefly addressed the meeting. His Second Prize paper was entitled: “The United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT)”.

The President thanked Mr. Marshall for his work as Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and also Mrs. Eileen Robertson and Ms. Chandra Woodhouse, for their work as a Directors and members of the Scholarship Committee.


Mr. Hebb, as Chairman of the Nominating Committee, put forward the following Members names for election as Directors of the Society for the 2010/2011 term:


  • Brooke Campbell
  • L. Cameron Cathcart
  • D. Anthony Cox
  • John S. Currie
  • Donald G. Foster
  • Sam Gudewill
  • Christopher Harvey
  • Christopher H. Hebb
  • Hamish I. Marshall
  • Ian E. Marshall
  • Joan A. McConkey
  • Eileen Robertson
  • R. Michael Shields
  • Leslie A. Strike
  • W. J. Sterling Sunley
  • Chandra D. Woodhouse
  • Pedro Villa


There being no further nominations, the above-mentioned Members were elected Directors by acclamation.


On behalf of the Society, the President called upon retiring Director Dr. Joe Siegenberg and presented to him a framed certificate of appreciation form the Society for his many years work both as a Board member and a past President. Dr. Siegenberg briefly addressed the Meeting and thanked the Society.


The President also offered on behalf of the Society, special thanks to Mr. Brooke Campbell, Vice-President Programming; Mr Ian Marshall, Secretary of the Society and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee; the Administrator, Linda Metcalfe,and to the management and staff of the Vancouver Club for providing a wonderful venue for the Society’s events.


There being no further business, the Meeting terminated at approximately 8:20 P.M.


Following the business portion of the meeting, Mr. Cameron Cathcart introduced, Colonel (Retired) Keith Maxwell, OMM, CD a noted lecturer and First World War battlefield expert. Colonel Maxwell proceeded to make a fascinating presentation on Canada’s 100 Days – The Last 100 Days of the First World War. Mr. Sterling Sunley thanked Colonel Maxwell for his excellent talk. The presentation concluded at approximately 9:30 P.M.


Dated at West Vancouver, B. C. this 18th day of November, 2010.

Ian E. Marshall


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