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Participant How-to Guide for Winston Churchill Speeches Video

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Inspire Like Churchill video that the International Churchill Society is creating. Please use the steps in this how-to guide to create and submit your portion of the video.

For an overview of this project, please visit this page. Please note that participation in this project is by invitation. 

What We Need 

We would like to ask that you create a short video recording your reading the lines of Winston Churchill’s speeches that we have provided to you. We are not expecting this to be the quality of a professional shoot, but rather it is going to give it a more personal feel to have multiple individual videos edited together. 


We will be providing you with a script of several lines of some of Winston Churchill’s most recognisable speeches. We are not looking for your best Churchill impression, but rather reading the lines with the appropriate gravity of the theme of the speech. 

We would like to ask that you read and record the lines three times in your video with a pause between each. We will be using the best ‘take’ to edit together your video with Churchill reading his own words and interspersed with appropriate photos. 

How to Get the Right Shot

Camera Equipment

We suggest that you use the best video recording device that you have available. A newer model iPhone or Android device will work perfectly. Alternatively, your computer or laptop will suffice if it includes an HD camera and ability to record your voice with little background noise. 

Backdrop and Setting

Please make sure that you have a suitable background for your video. A bookcase, a wall in a study or just a plain white wall will do perfectly. The less clutter the better. Please also make sure that there is little background noise if possible. 

Camera Angle and Position

Ideally, you can adjust your camera so that the shot includes from the middle of your torso to just above the top of your head. This is important as it will allow us to edit the videos together with some consistency. The camera should be at the level so that you can look directly into it. If you are using a laptop, it would be best to place it on several books at your desk so that you can look directly into the camera. If at all possible, please position your camera so that you can record the video horizontally. 

What to Wear

Feel free to wear what you feel most comfortable in. Suit and tie are not necessary for gentlemen nor business attire for ladies, but those perfectly acceptable if that is what you prefer. 


Lighting is very important and will affect the overall quality of the video that we are able to create. Please ensure that there are no harsh or florescent lights behind you while recording the video. It is best to be facing a window if the sunshine is out rather than having it in the background and facing the camera. 

Video Project Timing

We would like to have your video as soon as possible so we can begin the editing process. Please submit your video to us by THURSDAY 30 APRIL 2020

How to Submit Your Video

We will do our best with whatever you can provide to us, but please do adhere to as many of the suggests listed here as possible. Please submit your video either shared via the internet or you can email it directly to [email protected]

Questions or Need Help?

Please visit this page for more information. If you have any questions about how to create your video, technical aspects, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch. 

Andy Smith
[email protected]
UK: +44 (0) 1223 331646

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