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Bulletin #153 — Mar 2021

March Events at the NCLC Women’s History Month & Admiral Stavridis Fill the Calendar

The National Churchill Leadership Center at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. will be hosting two free online events this month. The first will look at women in history, including those who make it and those who write it. Later in the month, we will sit down with former NATO commander Admiral James Stavridis to discuss the future of international security. Read More >

Churchill & Islam New Edition of “The River War” Examines Subject


The long-awaited definitive edition of Winston Churchill’s book The River War has now been published. The roots of the conflict in which young Lt. Churchill charged with the 21st Lancers at Omdurman went back to a revolt in Sudan initiated by the Mahdi, a charismatic leader in the Muslim world. The newest issue of Finest Hour explores the subject “Churchill, Race, and Religion” and includes the observations of the Mahdi’s grandson about how the River War affected Churchill. In his introduction to the new scholarly edition of The River War, editor James W. Muller also examines how Churchill’s views about Islam were formed by his early experiences in Asia and Africa. Here follow extracts. Read More >

Land of Milk and Honey 100th Anniversary of Churchill’s Visit to Jerusalem

Following the conclusion of the Cairo Conference (see accompanying article “Churchill Style”) in early March 1921, Winston and Clementine Churchill travelled to Jerusalem. The purpose of this visit was to discuss the future of Palestine with both Arab and Jewish leaders. What Churchill saw impressed him greatly and filled him with enthusiasm for the cause of Zionism. Read More >

Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: The Pyramids


One hundred years ago this month, Winston Churchill traveled to Egypt to host a groundbreaking diplomatic conference in Cairo. Authorized by Prime Minister David Lloyd George to attempt to settle the future of the Middle East, Churchill grappled with the impact of Britain’s actions there during the First World War. The legacy of the Cairo Conference has affected the world ever since. Read More >

Churchilliana The World of Churchill Collectables: “Aid to Russia” Badge


At first blush, one could not imagine a more unlikely couple to be featured on a wartime badge. This little survivor, however, is a true piece of history with an interesting story to share. Featuring the unusual combination of Churchill and Stalin along with the slogan “All Aid to Russia,” the badge dates to the 1941 invasion of Russia by Germany and the all-out, British-led allied effort to provide military, technical, and economic assistance to the Soviet Union. Read More >

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