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Bulletin #151 — Jan 2021

Churchill at Chartwell A Conversation with the Property Curator of His House

Join International Churchill Society Executive Director Justin Reash and Chartwell Property Curator Katherine Carter as they discuss the key role Churchill’s family home plays in keeping his legacy alive. This free event will take place Sunday, 17 January at 7 pm in the UK, 2 pm EST/11 am PST in North America. To register please CLICK HERE.

Katherine Carter (MA, MRHistS, FRSA) is the Property Curator at Chartwell, National Trust, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill. Chartwell was the Churchills’ primary residence from 1924 until Winston’s death in 1965. For more than forty years his home was his sanctuary as well as his factory. It was the site of his phenomenal political and literary output, the inspiration for his paintbrush and the place so dear to him that he often remarked that “a day away from Chartwell is a day wasted.”

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Omdurman Panorama Effort Underway to Restore Nearly Lost Painting

Conservation efforts are underway to restore the Omdurman Panorama, which was painted in 1901 for the World Trade Fair in Glasgow and exhibited in Edinburgh and Manchester as well. The enormous painting depicts scenes from the battlefield upon which Winston Churchill took part in a cavalry charge with the 21st Lancers in 1898.

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Free Churchill Book Tribute to Late Paul Addison Includes Essays on Churchill


War and Peace in Twentieth-Century Britain: Studies in Memory of Paul Addison is edited by Antoine Capet and published by Cercles, an online journal of the University of Rouen. It may be viewed and read for free by CLICKING HERE.

I had two immediate reactions upon reading this collection of essays in honour of the late Paul Addison. The first was personal and was to wish that I had made more of my few meetings with Paul; the second was to reflect that an alternative title for this volume might be “Roads to and from 1945,” reflecting the seminal importance of his book The Road to 1945 and its impact on such a distinguished and diverse group of contributors. Read More >

Iron Curtain Speech 75th Anniversary Fulton Festivities Scheduled for March

America’s National Churchill Museum will commemorate the 75th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace” address, commonly known as the “Iron Curtain” speech, on March 5–6, 2021. The world we be invited to a virtual commemoration live from Westminster’s historic Gymnasium and other Churchill-related sites on the historic Westminster College campus.

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Churchilliana Churchill Collectables: United Nations Souvenir Decal


This four-inch square paper decal features the Big Three and is a rare surviving souvenir of the 1945 conference, which formed the organization we know today as the United Nations. Initially, the idea of having a permanent world organization was discussed by representatives of the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and China at a business meeting on October 7, 1944 at Dumbarton Oaks, a mansion in Washington, DC that had been donated to Harvard University. Read More >

Churchill Society Grows New Chapters Organized in Florida and Arizona

The International Churchill Society (ICS) continues to grow as online events and activities became the new norm in 2020 and set a pattern to follow in this new year of 2021. Two new local chapters have now been organized, one in Florida and the other in Arizona, which continue to remain fast growing “sunshine” states.

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Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: No. 11 Downing Street

Ninety-six years ago this month, at the end of January 1925, the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s official residence at No. 11 Downing Street became the Churchills’ London home. After a two-year hiatus, Winston Churchill had been returned to Parliament for Epping at the general election of 1924. He would continue to represent the constituency uninterrupted over the next forty years.

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