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Bulletin #127 – Jan 2019

Winston as Warlord New Book Provides Unique Analysis

Allen Packwood, How Churchill Waged War, Frontline, 2018, 260 pages, £25/$34.95. ISBN 978–1473893894

Review by David Freeman

Reflecting on his reputation after the war, Churchill noted: “People say my speeches after Dunkirk were the thing. That was only a part, not the chief part. They forget that I made all the main military decisions.” Indeed, Churchill did not just lead by inspiration; he waged war—exactly what he said he would do in his first speech to Parliament as Prime Minister. How Churchill went about it is the subject of this gripping new study by Allen Packwood. Read More >

Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: Cigars


Winston Churchill’s cigar habits changed over time. Prior to the First World War, his cigar bills were exorbitant and, like so many of his accounts, chronically past due. Beside Robert Lewis, he patronized Alfred Dunhill on Duke Street, just across from the Prince of Wales’s favorite Turkish bath, which Churchill also frequented. Read More >

Five Minutes with Andrew Roberts Churchill Biographer Discusses His Work

While touring North America in connection with the publication of his new best-selling biography Churchill: Walking with Destiny, Andrew Roberts stopped at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club to answer a few questions about what he learned during his research on Churchill and to confess that he is himself a “clubaholic.” Read More >

Unconditional Surrender What I Thought


In his brilliant new study How Churchill Waged War, Allen Packwood analyzes the decision made by the Allied leaders seventy-six years ago this month at Casablanca to accept only the “unconditional surrender” of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Churchill wrote about this in the third volume of his memoirs The Hinge of Fate. The following extracts make clear his views. Read More >

Churchilliana Churchill Collectables: Folk Art Wall Hanging


I enjoy wartime folk art depictions of Churchill. The fact that people used their time and skill to make such a piece expresses their admiration for the Great Man and the respect and gratitude felt by the British people as he led them through war. This piece came out of Britain’s magnificent Lake District. Read More >

Fulton: A Must-Visit for 2019 Wall Street Journal cites America’s National Churchill Museum

America’s National Churchill Museum recently received high praise from the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper cited the Museum’s upcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations, when it named the State of Missouri as among the “most intriguing” destinations to visit in 2019.

Read More >

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