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Bulletin #89 – Nov 2015

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Three Churchill Dramas Now in the Making

Sir Michael Gambon, Brian Cox, and John Lithgow Will Each Play Churchill in Forthcoming Films

Gambon as ChurchillSir Michael Gambon as ChurchillFifty years after his death Sir Winston Churchill is proving as popular with filmmakers as he is with authors. Three new dramas that include Churchill as a leading or supporting character are now in the making. Following in the footsteps of Robert Hardy, Richard Burton, Albert Finney, and Brendan Gleeson—who all played Churchill in the past—will be Sir Michael Gambon, Brian Cox, and John Lithgow.

Sir Michael Gambon is to play Winston Churchill in a new ITV drama about the Prime Minister’s final years in office opposite Lindsay Duncan as his wife, Clementine. Churchill’s Secret is based on Jonathan Smith’s recently published book, The Churchill Secret: KBO, set during the summer of 1953 when the then-peacetime prime minister had a stroke, which was kept secret from the world.

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No More Champagne

David Lough Talks About His New Study of Churchill’s Finances

No More Champagne

David Lough, author of No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money, discusses in two videos how he came to write his unprecedented study of Winston Churchill’s financial history. An important aspect of Churchill’s life that has never before been comprehensively studied reveals attitudes and behavior that may well surprise even readers who are already very familiar with the Churchill story. Read More >

Own a Churchill Statue by Oscar Nemon!

Limited Edition of the Westerham Churchill Maquette

front-view-nemonTo commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death and celebrate the forthcoming Oscar Nemon Studio Museum, the Nemon Estate has created a limited edition of a maquette for the Westerham Churchill. This is the model used for the full-sized statue of Churchill that sits on the village green in Westerham, the community closest to Churchill’s home, Chartwell.

Oscar Nemon was both a friend of Churchill and the foremost sculptor of the Prime Minister’s likeness. His work can be found in the lobby of the House of Commons and in the United States Capitol. Following sittings with Churchill at Chartwell, Number Ten Downing Street, and Hyde Park Gate, Nemon would retreat to his Pleasant Land studio in Oxfordshire to realise the sculptures which honour Churchill’s heritage around the world. Read More >

Finest Hour—Number 170

Autumn 2015 Edition Now Available

FH 170 Cover

The autumn 2015 edition of Finest Hour has now been published with the theme “Churchill, Judaism, and Islam.” The Middle East is never not in the news. Winston Churchill’s involvement with the Jewish and Muslim worlds, however, began well before his first extended travels in the region and continued throughout his long life. His association with both cultures greatly influenced him, and his own impact upon the Middle East remains strong today. Read More >

Churchill in Cuba

Hal Klepak, Churchill Comes of Age: Cuba, 1895, The History Press, 2015, 288 pages, £25 / $46.95. ISBN 978-0750962254.

Churchill Comes-of-AgeIt is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the young Winston Churchill that, before he had even completed his basic military training, he should seek to have first-hand experience of the perils of modern warfare.

Churchill was twenty-years-old and undergoing his basic cavalry training as a recently-recruited subaltern in the Fourth (Queen’s Own) Hussars, when he took the quixotic decision to spend his annual vacation visiting Cuba, which was then in the midst of a brutal civil war. Read More >

Churchill—The Life

New Pictorial Biography Celebrates Churchill’s Life
Interview with MAX ARTHUR

Churchill-The-LifeChurchill—The Life is the official publication marking the life of Sir Winston Churchill in the fiftieth anniversary year of his death. The Chartwell Bulletin interviewed author and historian Max Arthur about this large and handsome book.

: How did you become interested in Winston Churchill?

MA: It started as a child. He was the most talked about giant in history. Everyone had an opinion of him. Read More >

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