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No More Champagne

David Lough Talks About His New Study of Churchill’s Finances

No More Champagne

David Lough, author of No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money, discusses in two videos how he came to write his unprecedented study of Winston Churchill’s financial history. An important aspect of Churchill’s life that has never before been comprehensively studied reveals attitudes and behavior that may well surprise even readers who are already very familiar with the Churchill story.

David Lough studied history at Oxford, where he won first class honours. He worked extensively in financial markets, starting in Asia and investment banking, before founding a private banking business in 1988. A former member of the London Stock Exchange and Fellow of the Chartered Securities Institute, Lough returned to history on his retirement, using his experience to research the untold story of Winston Churchill’s tangled financial affairs.

Only fragments of information about Churchill’s finances or their impact on his public life have previously emerged. With the help of unprecedented access to Churchill’s private records, Lough has created the first fully researched narrative of Churchill’s private finances and business affairs. As Lough reveals the scale of Churchill’s financial risk-taking, combined with Churchill’s ability to talk or write himself out of the tightest corners, the links between the private man and the public figure become clear.

To watch the first video, please CLICK HERE. To watch the second video, please CLICK HERE.

No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money is published in the United Kingdom by Head of Zeus and in the United States by Picador.

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