1 February 2023

Join Executive Director Justin Reash as he interviews Katherine Carter and Gary Stiles, the co-curators of the newly launched exhibition ‘Churchill in Punch: A Cartoon Biography’ based on the new book Churchill in Punch, Unicorn Publications, 2022 by Stiles.

Tune in to discover how Winston Churchill cultivated his own image, and relished his appearances in satirical illustrations, which in turn helped to make him one of the most recognisable figures in history.

‘Churchill in Punch: A Cartoon Biography’ is now open at Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill in Kent, UK.

Katherine Carter is a Curator and Historian, specialising in early twentieth century political history. As Curator of Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, she leads the research, presentation, conservation and interpretation of the house and collections. Her exhibitions have included ‘Death of a Hero’, ‘Into the Trenches’, ‘Churchill and the Crown’ and, most recently, ‘Churchill and Punch: A Cartoon Biography’ which she has curated alongside Gary Stiles, author of the critically acclaimed ‘Churchill and Punch’. Katherine is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She speaks on the subject of Winston Churchill internationally, advises film and television productions and appears frequently in print and broadcast media. Her first book, ‘Churchill, Chartwell and the Countdown to War’ (working title) is being published by Yale University Press and is due for release in 2024.

2024 International Churchill Conference

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Gary L. Stiles, MD graduated Phi Beta Kappa from St. Lawrence University with a BS in Chemistry and a MD from Vanderbilt School of Medicine. He was trained as a cardiologist and medical researcher at Duke University and then joined the faculty at Duke. He had a long academic career at Duke where he ran his molecular biochemistry laboratory and became Chief of Cardiology and then Chief Medical Officer for the Duke University Health System. Duke honored him with an endowed chair – the Ursula Geller Distinguished Professor of Cardiovascular Research for his work on the molecular understanding of cellular signal transduction. He is widely published in the medical and scientific literature. He subsequently accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer at Wyeth Pharmaceutical and ran the worldwide clinical organization. He has served on a number of boards and scientific advisory committees over the years. He is a lifelong admirer and collector of all things Winston Churchill.

Image Credits: A. W. Lloyd (1883-1967), ‘At The Helm’, Punch Magazine, May 1940

©Punch Cartoon Library/TopFoto

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