October 17, 2020

Introduced by Richard M. Langworth

Lady Soames, who died in 2014, was the last surviving child, and expert biographer, of Winston and Clementine Churchill. On her mother: ‘She was a very complex and emotionally charged animal … She had enormously high standards which she imposed with varying degrees of success on her children but she was also very hard on herself. Perhaps history would have been different if my father had married a docile yes-woman … but my mother had the will and capacity to stand up to him, to confront him and to argue with him. I don’t think she was always right, but she took a passionate interest in his political life, and sometimes her judgments about his friends were truer than his.’

Read the full article here: ‘Life With My Parents: Winston and Clementine’ by Mary Soames Finest Hour 91, Summer 1996, scroll to page 14.

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