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Supremely Blessed

Proceedings of the International Churchill Societies 1994-95

“A Supremely Blessed and Happy Human Being”
The Lady Soames LG DBE

I AM, as I am sure is Winston and all our family, touched and pleased that the International Churchill Society in the United Kingdom should choose to mark in such a splendid and special way the 120th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s birth. And I do thank you, David, so very much for inviting me to be your guest and to propose the toast to our Society.

Because it has fallen to my lot to be Winston Churchill’s child, and now of my parents’ five children, sadly the only survivor, I feel I have a unique testimony to give about Winston Churchill as a human being. But I have made myself some quite stern rules: I am loath to stray beyond the frontiers of my daughterly knowledge; and I strenuously deny myself the luxury of imagined conversations or apocryphal jokes and anecdotes. I see my humbler, but perhaps not unnecessary task, as that of trying to keep focused my father’s personality and image. I sometimes feel that his character and personality have become embalmed in his fame and in the legend which already attaches to his hero-figure. I know that his place in history is secure, but that I leave (though not necessarily without reservations) to the historians.

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