March 3, 2019

Finest Hour 182, Fall 2018

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LEXINGTON, VA—Congratulations on the fantastic issue about “Churchill and the British Army”! It was nice to see the letter of introduction from the commandant of RMA Sandhurst. As a civilian “veteran” of Sandhurst, the institution remains close to my heart. The article by Churchill’s great-grandson Alexander Perkins is especially impressive.
—R. P. W. Havers,
President and CEO,
George C. Marshall Foundation

NASHVILLE—I have never enjoyed an issue more than this one. Congratulations! FH 181 could be “sold separately” and/or used for recruitment. I wish I had ten extra copies.
—Richard H. Knight, Jr.

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Finest Hour Extras

ROUEN—Thanks to Monroe Trout and Allen Packwood for their excellent “FH Extra” story about Churchill’s aborted visit to the United States in 1951 (“The Speech Churchill Never Gave”).

I was struck by a passage: “The traditional sympathy for the man who is up against authority, the national pride which is starved of heroes to worship, the appreciation of oratorical power, and the love of a good show have attracted to MacArthur Americans from every group, from every stratum of society and from both parties.”

Substitute “Churchill and Britons” in the spring of 1939 for “MacArthur and Americans” in 1951, and most historians would agree with the phrasing.
—Antoine Capet

Finest Hour Extras are feature articles uniquely published on our website that may not pertain to the themes of printed issues but which deserve the attention of readers.

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