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Finest Hour 127, Summer 2005

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THE 2005 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held at the Cabinet War Rooms, London, on April 16th, and enabled members to view the new Churchill Museum. At the meeting Amanda Laurence, who was co-opted to the Committee last year, was confirmed in office; Robin Brodhurst, author of Churchill’s Anchor, was also elected. Bill Ives and Chuck Platt, Churchill Centre President and Vice-President respectively, made a special trip from the United States in order to attend.

The 40th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Winston Churchill was commemorated by an uplifting service at Bladon, on the 40th anniversary his state funeral. It was described in the April edition of the Chartwell Bulletin.

A Cartoon Exhibition of original Churchill cartoons, mounted by the Political Cartoon Society at 32 Store Street, London WC1, runs until 17th September 2005 (see Tim Benton’s article in this issue).

• 23 Ringstrasse, Babelsberg. When those attending Phase III of the 2004 Conference visited Potsdam in October, they found that, whereas the villas occupied by President Truman and Marshal Stalin in July 1945 each bore a plaque recording the fact, no such memento of Churchill’s residence was similarly displayed. Plans have been made to put this right and it had been hoped that Lady Soames would unveil a plaque in July 2005; however, the property is now being sold, so the ceremony has been postponed, perhaps until 2006. Whenever the unveiling takes place, it is intended also to run a mini-tour of the local area which members will be welcome to join. Anyone interested in attending the ceremony and mini-tour should notify ICS(UK), so that they can be kept in touch with dates and plans as these develop.

• The Northern Chapter held an event on May 14th at the Imperial War Museum (North) at Manchester, well-known writers, together with sections on WSC’s accomplishments such as oratory, painting, etc.

• Marketing the Society. In tandem with the Schools project, this initiative aims to place the Society more firmly in the public eye; ideas are still being formulated.

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