June 24, 2015

Finest Hour 113, Winter 2001-02

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We must not forget how important conference sponsors are to making these events financially viable, and reasonably affordable. It costs a lot of money to put on a Churchill conference because prior conferences have set a very high bar, and transportation costs for guests from England are extremely high. Herewith thanks and a tip of the hat to all those many generous people and companies who made the 18th International Churchill Conference possible.

Queen Mary Seminar Sponsors

Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Books on Tape
Robinson Inc.

Program Advertisers

Altadis, H. Upmann Cigars
Richard and Martha Applegate
Randy Barber
Books on Tape
Daniel H. Borinsky, Esq.
FSK Realty Services
Mark Burnett Productions
Churchill Book Specialist
Laurence Geller
Glencannon Press
HM Consul-General Peter Hunt
J Wine Company
Jerry Kambestad
Judy Kambestad
Moyle Design Group
Pol Roger et Cie.
John Plumpton
Robinson Inc.
Strategic Hotel Capital Inc.

Edinburgh Castle

2023 International Churchill Conference

Join us for the 40th International Churchill Conference. Edinburgh Scotland, 5-7 October 2023

Admirals and Commodores

(Registrations plus…)

David and Diane Boler
Beverly and Gary Bonine
Nancy Canary
Craig and Lorraine Horn
Jerry and Judy Kambestad
Ruth Lavine
Richard and Rose Leahy
T.W. and Marlane McGarry
Andrew and Christy Ness
Linda and Chuck Platt
Ruth and John Plumpton

Matching Funds

British Petroleum

Student Sponsors

Paul and Ellen Alkon
Richard and Barbara Andrews
Celwyn Philip Ball
Beverly and Gary Bonine
Donald and Irene Corn
Robert H. Dunn
Jonathan Hayes
J. Willis Johnson
Jerry and Judy Kambestad
F. Stuart Kuhn
Raymond Lavine
Ruth Lavine
Frank and Jean Marshall
W. Stuart McKee
Earl and Charlotte Nicholson
Richard and Jenny Streiff
Jacqueline Dean Witter

Planning Committee

Bill Ives, Conference Chairman
Judy Kambestad, Comm. Chairman
Ellen and Paul Alkon
Martha and Richard Applegate
Jerry Kambestad
Ruth Lavine
Terry and Marlane McGarry
Bond Nichols
John Plumpton
Bob Sullivan

Operations Assistance

Lorraine Horn
Prof. Ray Benkendorf
Raili and David Garth
Ruth Plumpton
Kathie Utz
Shirley Hartman
Ted Kagan

Arrangements Assistance

William Faulkner Black
Borders Books
Cooper Communications
Coronado Chamber of Commerce
Daughters of the British Empire
Del Destinations
Harbor Excursions
Bill and Virginia Ives
Los Angeles Times
Moyle Design Group
Nixon Library
Old Town Trolley
Oscar’s Studio Presentation Services
The Queen Mary
Elizabeth Prescott Singers
Sir Speedy
Swank Audio Visuals
Hotel Del Coronado

A tribute, join us




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