June 27, 2023

The World of Churchill Collectables: Toby Jug


This little Toby in the likeness of Winston Churchill was previously unknown and recently discovered during a holiday in London. It measures 1 ½” tall and was manufactured by Highmount MBD. No information could be found about the formation or history of Highmount MBD, except that the company had manufacturing facilities not only in England, but also in West Germany and Occupied Japan.

Most likely, this means the piece was made during Churchill’s second premiership (1951–55). Also, an internet search for other examples made by the company confirms that it manufactured a series of these small jugs denoting politicians of the day as well as literary characters. This particular piece is marked that it was made in England.

This is a fun little piece and I’m glad I found it. However, the allure of the mystery concerning its manufacture continues. If any of our readers have any information regarding Highmount MBD, please do share it so that it can be shared in a follow-up column.

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