February 27, 2022

How Churchill Showed Skills of Vision, Alignment, and Change

The recently established Brazilian chapter of the International Churchill Society has debuted with a frenzy of activity. In addition to articles published last year by members of ICS-Brazil in both the Churchill Bulletin and Finest Hour, we are now pleased to present an article written by a member about “Churchill’s Strategic Leadership” that was published recently by the Army School of Brazil (Escola do Comando Maior do Exército do Brasil, “ECEME”).

Paulo Fernando Vianna da Silva participated in a class about Strategic Leadership, which teaches that the main skills of a strategic leader are vision, alignment, and change. In his paper, he analyses Winston Churchill as a national leader who possessed such qualities. Churchill managed to unite in his personality the Roman military skills of Pompey, Crasso’s financial skills (he was a finance minister), and the of a parliamentarian, just like Julius Caesar in the Roman senate. In short, Churchill successfully transferred his vision of victory to the British people that resulted in a political realignment which changed the world.

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