April 5, 2021

How much do you know about Britain’s wartime leader?

By Kieran Whitworth

From Chapter 3: Politics, Empire and the Road to War

At the beginning of the twentieth century Churchill was to begin his lifelong political career, with a burning desire to emulate his late father. Whilst attaining high political office and gaining experience in a number of Cabinet roles, the looming spectre of war saw him work in a position that best suited his interests and allowed him to prepare the Royal Navy for the future conflict. Although personally his life was to change with marriage and fatherhood, his desire to earn enough money to support his family and luxurious lifestyle also played a large part in his life during this period. The questions in this chapter explore the evolution of Churchill from an adventurous young man to an established politician eager to show the world his talents, before one of the most cataclysmic historical events would change the society of Britain as he knew it forever.

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Quiz 1

  1. EXPERT Which parliamentary seat was Churchill elected to serve in October 1900?
  2. By the time he was elected as an MP in 1900, Churchill had fought in how many conflicts and had how many books published? A) Three conflicts and six books B) Four conflicts and five books C) Two conflicts and seven books.
  3. EXPERT Name the man who was to marry Churchill’s mother on 28 July 1900.
  4. When Churchill was elected in 1900, MPs were not paid a salary. What did Churchill do to earn money during the parliamentary recess of 1900–01? Hint: this took advantage of one of his great talents.
  5. What item did Churchill use to illustrate his adventures in southern Africa when speaking in public? A) A Boer rifle B) A magic lantern C) His clothes from his escape
  6. In which Canadian city, situated on two rivers, was Churchill staying when the death of Queen Victoria in January 1901 was announced?
  7. ANAGRAM Name the promoter Churchill used in North America in 1900–01. spoon jammed jar
  8. When Churchill sailed to the United States in December 1900, on his arrival he said to an acquaintance that he was visiting to pursue what?
  9. ANAGRAM American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens was to introduce Churchill at a lecture in December 1900. By what name is he better known? wink at ram
  10. Which London club, often seen as a prerequisite for Conservative MPs, did Churchill join in the autumn of 1900? Hint: this can be found in St James’s Street, London.


  1. Oldham, where he came second (though Oldham returned two MPs).
  2. B) Four conflicts and five books. His fifth book was published just after he had been elected.
  3. George Cornwallis-West.
  4. He began a tour of Britain and North America making public speeches, mainly about his adventures in southern Africa, for which he could earn up to £100 per night.
  5. B) A magic lantern. This was an early form of projector.
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Major James Pond. Churchill later referred to him as a ‘vulgar Yankee impresario’.
  8. He said that he was visiting to pursue profit (from his tour).
  9. Mark Twain.
  10. The Carlton Club.


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