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Bulletin #148 – Oct 2020

O’Brien Joins Churchill 2020 US National Security Advisor Will Speak to Churchill Conference from Washington This Month

United States National Security Advisor Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien will participate in the International Churchill Society’s 2020 virtual conference, which takes place on the 23rd and 24th of this month. Ambassador O’Brien will be interviewed by Ambassador Mitchell B. Reiss about the applicability of Churchill’s leadership example in today’s world. Their conversation will be aired on Saturday, October 24th and is presented by the National Churchill Library and Center at the George Washington University. The conference will be based in Britain and will include both live and pre-recorded sessions from various locations around the world. Registration is free. For details on how to register, please CLICK HERE. Read More >

A Veritable Volcano Churchill Archives Looks at Admiral “Jacky” Fisher

The Churchill Archives Centre will commemorate the life and legacy of Admiral Lord “Jacky” Fisher (1841–1920) with a day of online talks and panel discussions on Tuesday, October 20. The event is being held to mark the centenary of Fisher’s death and to celebrate the transfer of new material to the Churchill Archives Centre. Fisher became First Sea Lord for the first time on 20 October 1904.

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NCLC Autumn Programming National Churchill Library and Center Hosts Forums in DC

The National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) held its first program of the fall with a virtual panel discussing the current state of the Anglo-American “special relationship.” Program Director Justin Reash moderated a debate between author Ian Buruma, Professor Richard Aldous, and Professor Dane Kennedy. Click here to view a recording of the panel. Read More >

Jock VII Takes the Helm Official Cat of Chartwell Takes over from Jock VI

Chartwell, the family home of Sir Winston Churchill in Kent, has recently welcomed its newest recruit—a marmalade cat named Jock. On leaving their home to the National Trust in 1966, the Churchill family requested that there would always be a marmalade cat named Jock, with a white bib and four white paws, in comfortable residence at Chartwell. The National Trust has always honoured this request and has recently welcomed Jock VII, a six-month-old rescue kitten, to the property to take up this unique role. Read More >

Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: My Early Life


Winston Churchill’s most beloved book, My Early Life, was first published 90 years ago this month. He had an excellent motive: money. His savings had been seriously depleted by the Wall Street Crash of 1929. In an attempt to replenish his coffers, Churchill plundered his published magazine work for book projects that could be completed quickly, starting with a volume of personal memoirs covering his childhood, wayward school years, army service in India, and early career as a young war correspondent. Although the book was titled My Early Life: A Roving Commission in Britain, American publisher Charles Scribner—oddly—opted for the subtitle as a more marketable main title in the United States. Read More >

Churchilliana Churchill Collectables: ALLIED LEADERS CALENDAR


This beautiful multi coloured calendar is made of heavy paper and is one foot in height. It prominently features the Big Three (Churchill—at the top, course; Roosevelt; and Stalin) along with Field Marshal Montgomery, General Eisenhower, and President De Gaulle. The calendar was published for 1945 in celebration of the 1944 liberation of France, Belgium, and Holland. Read More >

Who Influenced Churchill? Results of NCLC Research Grant

The National Churchill Library and Center at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. awarded its first research graduate fellowships in 2019. The grants provide $7,500 awards for short-term research projects focused on topics of relevance to Winston Churchill’s example of global leadership. One of the recipients, William Mayer of Hawaii Pacific University, summarizes the results of his finished work in the following paragraphs. Read More >

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