May 2, 2020

While America’s National Churchill Museum (ANCM) is necessarily closed at this time, the staff in Fulton, Missouri, have kept busy working to bring information about Winston Churchill to the world by producing a series of webcasts under the title “Churchill This Day.” The most recent webcast involved a discussion between Timothy Riley, Sandra L. and Monroe E. Trout Director and Chief Curator in Fulton, and Katherine Carter, Project Curator and Collections Manager, at Chartwell, Churchill’s beloved house in Kent, which today is a National Trust property.

The two curators, Riley and Carter, were able to share with viewers rare glimpses into their respective collections. The webcast followed the themes “The Good,” “The Bad,” “The Ugly,” “The Underdog,” and “The Favorite.”

The lively back-and-forth exchange began with “The Good,” revealing a pen displayed at ANCM that President John F. Kennedy used to signed Churchill’s honorary American citizenship proclamation. Chartwell’s “Good” was an original 1945 Churchill oil painting named Lake Maggiore.

The webcast ended with “The Favorite,” which included Chartwell’s engraving Some Statesmen of the Great War by Sir James Guthrie and a hand-edited draft with notes of Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace” speech that he delivered at the College in 1946. To view the complete webcast, please click HERE.

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Previous installments in the webcast series that can be viewed now include:

Andrew Roberts and Gen. David Petraeus speaking on Leadership in Times of Crisis

Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archives Centre at Cambridge University

Chris Matthews, retired MSNBC correspondent

Make sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming webcast on Friday 8 May with Winston Churchill’s granddaughter Edwina Sandys and US President Harry Truman’s oldest grandson to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. You can find more information here.

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