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Bulletin #86 – Aug 2015

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The Churchill Centre is pleased to provide members and friends in the United States with a special opportunity to join the Royal Oak Foundation, the American partner of the National Trust of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  The National Trust has long earned the gratitude of Churchillians around the world for its devoted stewardship of Chartwell, Churchill’s beloved country home in Kent. Read More >

Finest Hour—Number 169

Summer 2015 Edition Now Available

fh169The summer 2015 edition of Finest Hour has now been published with the theme “The Dardanelles: 100 Years On”. Little has ever been written about the French involvement at the Dardanelles. Antoine Capet closes the gap and explains why. Much has been written about Australian troops on Gallipoli, and Harry Atkinson explores this sensitive topic. Mark Hamilton surveys what has been written about the whole operation in recent times, and John C. McKay compares Churchill’s Eastern Strategy of the First World War with his Mediterranean strategy in the Second.

As First Lord of the Admiralty for a time in both World Wars, Churchill had responsibilities around the world. Terry Reardon looks at the importance of the naval base at Scapa Flow in both conflicts while Fred Glueckstein examines the ill fate of the base at Singapore.

Beginning with this issue, we introduce a new department, “Churchill’s World.” The articles placed here will relate stories that illustrate the world in which Churchill lived and worked. Staying with our themes of the Royal Navy and the First World War, we launch this column with an enthralling account by Keith Dovkants about the use of sailing vessels to decoy German U-Boats, a plan supported by the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill.

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When the Blast of War Blows

Churchill and the Generals by Mike Lepine
Danann Publishing, 136 pages, £29.99, $55.00. ISBN 978-0993016944

Churchill  the Generals

Churchill and the Generals is a quick and excellent read for those looking for a concise primer on the unique leadership dynamics embodied by Churchill and the generals whom he led. Although brief, the portraits of the military leaders include engaging details that span through their childhood, education, military service, personal quirks, and challenges or triumphs interacting with Churchill.

All of this comes wrapped in an attractive package that includes beautiful illustrations, numerous photos of the subjects, two DVDs containing vintage footage of the Second World War, and an excellent photo timeline from 1939 through the end of the war. Whether well acquainted with the subject or a beginner, you will find Churchill and the Generals to be a must read. Read More >

Churchill & Chartwell

Chartwell Curator Katherine Barnett Discusses
Churchill’s Home with Prof. Warren Dockter

Katherine and Jock

Katherine Barnett, the House and Collections Manager of Chartwell, the beloved home of Sir Winston Churchill near Westerham in Kent, sat down recently to discuss the current exhibition “Death of a Hero” that commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Sir Winston’s death and State Funeral. She is interviewed by Professor Warren Dockter of Cambridge University and author of the recent book Churchill and the Islamic World. To listen to the interview, please CLICK HERE. Read More >

New Volume in Official Biography

One Continent Redeemed, January—August 1943

Vol18 front-coverHillsdale College Press has published the latest installment in the Official Biography of Sir Winston Churchill. One Continent Redeemed tells Churchill’s story during the first eight months of 1943 and serves as the second companion volume to Winston S. Churchill, Volume VII, Road to Victory, by Sir Martin Gilbert. This is the first volume of The Churchill Documents edited by Dr Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College and former research assistant to Sir Martin. Read More >

Fake or Fortune?

Possible Churchill Painting Scrutinized by the Pros

Fake or Fortune

Each week on the BBC Television show Fake or Fortune? art experts examine paintings of dubious authenticity. Using forensic skills as well as Sherlockian methods, the experts eventually decide whether or not the owners of the paintings are about to become millionaires. This summer on 26 July the subject of inquiry was a painting possibly done by Churchill but which was unsigned. To watch the full episode, please CLICK HERE. Read More >

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