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Bulletin #69 – Mar 2014

Publisher: Lee Pollock, Executive Director of The Churchill CentreEditor: David Freeman, Ph.D.  Contact the Editor via e-mail here.

31st International Churchill Conference

National World War II Museum Hosts Churchillians in New Orleans.
Final Program Set for “Churchill: Fighting & Writing” April 3-5

Churchill__MontgomeryChurchill & MontgomeryNigel Hamilton, official biographer of Field Marshal Montgomery and author of a major new assessment of Franklin Roosevelt as Commander-in-Chief, has now been added to the program. In the 70th anniversary year of the D-Day landings, Mr. Hamilton will discuss “Churchill’s Meeting With Montgomery Before the Break-out”, that is the break-out of the Allied armies following the invasion of Normandy. This will follow the first panel of the conference, which is about “Operation Overlord” itself and includes Prof. Warren Kimball, editor of the complete Churchill-Roosevelt Correspondence.  To register for the conference please CLICK HERE. Read More >

Video Tour of Chartwell Booksellers

USA Today Profiles Barry Singer’s Manhattan Establisment

Barry_Singer_USA_Today_IIBarry Singer in the Shop
Photo: Todd Pitt, USA Today
USA Today online has produced a wonderful story about the only book shop in the world dedicated specifically to books by and about Winston Churchill. Barry Singer, who was interviewed by the Chartwell Bulletin last October, is featured in a three-minute video that accompanies the online story. Among other treasures, Barry displays one of the rarest works in the Churchill cannon: a copy of the 1906 speech anthology For Free Trade with an asking price of $160,000. Barry says the price is negotiable, but why quibble? In his 1998 Connoisseur’s Guide to the Books of Sir Winston Churchill, Richard Langworth put the market price at a mere $50,000! Looks like a good investment. To read the full story and watch the video, please CLICK HERE. Read More >

Great Contemporaries: Warren Kimball

Interview With Editor of Churchill-Roosevelt Correspondence
Prof. Kimball Will Speak About “Overlord” in New Orleans

churchill__Roosevelt_CorrespondenceWarren Kimball, Professor of History at Rutgers University and a long-time member of The Churchill Centre’s Academic Advisors, will be among those discussing the story of Operation Overlord at the 31st International Churchill Conference.  The conference is being held in conjunction with the National World War II Museum of the United States, an appropriate venue in this the 70th anniversary year of the D-Day landings. In addition to editing and publishing the complete Churchill-Roosevelt Correspondence in three volumes (Princeton, 1984), Prof. Kimball is also the author of Forged in War, a study of the war-time partnership between the Prime Minister and the President. Prof. Kimball recently spoke with the Chartwell Bulletin about his work. Read More >

The Collected Essays of Winston Churchill

One of Churchill’s Most Important Works Remains Scarce, But
His Journalism Remains Relevant to Students and Scholars

001944_1The Collected EssaysFollowing the publication of The Collected Works of Winston Churchill in the mid-1970s by the Library of Imperial History, the publisher reacted to criticism that the thirty-four volume set did not include most of the articles Churchill wrote for periodicals or the introductions that he provided for books by others. Michael Wolff, one of Randolph Churchill’s former assistants on the Official Biography, was commissioned to compile all such essays that Churchill himself did not publish in anthologies such as Thoughts & Adventures or Great Contemporaries, and thus already included in the Collected Works. The result was a major contribution to Churchill studies but one which has never been re-printed. Though published in two editions, both sets were pricey then and are much pricier now. Consequently, an important research tool has become all but inaccessible to most people. Read More >

Churchill & Fisher at the Admiralty

New Analysis of Royal Navy Before First World War

Adm._FisherAdmiral FisherThe centenary year of the start of the First World War marks an appropriate time to re-examine Churchill’s role in preparing the British fleet for battle. Prof. Chris Bell of Dalhousie University, author of the recently published Churchill and Sea Power, was a featured speaker at The Churchill Centre’s 30th International Churchill Conference in Washington, DC last November and is a long-time member and supporter of the Centre. Prof. Bell continues his innovative research on Churchill as a naval strategist with a new paper “Sir John Fisher’s Naval Revolution Reconsidered: Winston Churchill at the Admiralty 1911-1914.” Read More >

Churchill Centre Receives Research Grant

Grant Funds Research on Churchill in Cuba

0N1A1243Research Team at Chartwell
(Photo/ Glen Hartle)
The Churchill Centre recently provided a received grant to Prof. Hal Klepak to support his ground breaking research on Winston Churchill’s visit to Cuba in 1895. Prof. Klepak’s aim is to, “highlight the degree to which this greatly understudied adventure shows at a very early age the kind of man Churchill already was and even more was later to become”. He hopes to publish a book on this subject to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston’s death in 2015. Prof. Klepak believes his work will prorperly address one of the few remaining periods of Churchill’s life that has not been exhaustively covered. Read More >

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