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Bulletin #55 – Jan 2013

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Unveiled in Barcelona

A newly designed Churchill monument and park in honor of Sir Winston.  
Jennie-Repard-in-Barcelona-2012Mrs Jennie Churchill Repard with local dignataries in Barcelona
BARCELONA, 15 December 2012—A fitting tribute to Sir Winston Churchill was unveiled in Barcelona on the 15th of December after a great many years in the planning.

The new monument that was unveiled on this occasion is the work of sculptor Pep Codo. The monolith is made of a single piece of basalt stone and is 2.2 meters in height.

The homage to Sir Winston is placed on the Via Augusta, one of Barcelona’s main avenues. The entire corner area around where the sculpture is located has been renamed “Churchill Gardens” and a plaque has been erected there in his honour.

The recent weekend ceremony, on a warm and sunny 20°C day, was attended by one of Churchill’s great-granddaughters, Mrs Jennie Churchill Repard and her husband James; the British Consul-General in Barcelona, Mr. Andrew Gwatkin; the artist Pep Codo; and the city’s Mayor, Mr Xavier Trias.

In his remarks, Mr Joan Oliver, the president of the Fundacio Catalunya Oberta (the Open Catalonia Foundation is the sponsor of the monument), made it clear that, “Freedom does not come free, and Europe enjoys her current liberties thanks not only to Winston Churchill’s bravery in the face of rising Nazism but also as a result of his valiant warning about the other great evil of the 20th Century, communism.”

Barcelona Mayor Mr Xavier Trias, in his address to the crowd gathered, delved into some of the reasons why Churchill should be considered “the last statesman” and invoked his example in the difficult times ahead. Consul-General Gwatkin stressed the historical connections between the United Kingdom and Catalonia.

The presence of Mrs Jennie Churchill Repard was very much welcome by the 150 or so guests that were gathered for the event.

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Old Country Tours Announces 70th Anniversary D-Day Tour for 2014

Join us for the 70th Anniversary of Operation Overlord and D-Day.

Churchill-Montgomery-12-June-1944Winston Churchill & General Sir Bernard Montgomery, 12 June 1944 at Graye-sur-MerAs in 2004 Old Country Tour will lead a tour to visit the beaches where the Americans, British & Canadians landed in June 1944.

On this occasion we will look at actions post 6 June 1944, including the capture of St Lo; Operations Epsom and Cobra – and we will be ending at the Falaise Gap where many German Army units were trapped to await their fate.

Join us on this nine-day tour whch includes one night in Portsmouth, six nights at the Churchill Hotel in Bayeux and one night in Paris.

Contact Dan Myers at The Churchill Centre
Toll Free: +1 (888) WSC-1874 or +1 (630) 512-9341
[email protected]

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Barcelona and the Churchill Connection

As a memorial to WSC is unveiled in the Catalan capital, we pose the question: “What is the connection between Churchill and Barcelona?”

By Alex Calvo

Churchill-Sclupture-BarcelonaChurchill monolith in BarcelonaBARCELONA, 15 December 2012—This past month, a sculpture dedicated to the memory of Sir Winston Churchill was unveiled in Barcelona.

The monument will contribute to the preservation and promotion of the great statesman’s memory and in particular prompt renewed interest and research on his connections with the capital of Catalonia.

Why was it that Churchill cited Barcelona in his famous 18 June 1940 “Finest Hour” speech?

When the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War broke out, the British Government was understandably reluctant to intervene, but it followed very carefully some of its developments in areas such as weapons and tactics. The reason was that, to a certain extent, the war was some sort of “laboratory” for the trial of new systems. Furthermore, the conflict featured units from countries such as Italy and Germany, with which a clash in the near future was becoming a clear possibility. Although appeasement was still the majority view in Britain, as well as being official government policy, London was starting to prepare for an outbreak of hostilities. This included, among others, raising aircraft production volumes, preparations for civil (or passive) defence, and the setting up of underground facilities for the government (what would become known as the Churchill War Rooms). It was precisely the strategic bombing campaign that Mussolini’s forces based in Majorca unleashed against Catalan cities which attracted a great deal of attention by British observers. A number of both military officers and politicians and civil servants tried to learn as much as possible about the possible countermeasures and the bombing’s impact on civilian morale. This policy of observation, in search for “lessons learned”, would later be reinforced when some of the key participants in the defence of Barcelona moved to the United Kingdom. It was the case of Doctor Trueta, an expert in the treatment of war wounds who would end up being appointed professor at Oxford.

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Author Paul Reid Discusses “The Last Lion” on CSPAN (Watch)

Reid interviewed on completing the final of the trilogy on CSPAN’s Q&A.
Watch this compelling ninety minute interview with Paul Ried, author of the final installment of the trilogy, The Last Lion.

Reid recounts how he met and befriended author and historian William Manchester in 2003 and went on to complete the final volume of his work.  Read More >

Churchill Still Making Headlines

Why does Churchill continue to make headlines 47 years after his death?
WSC0131©Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images 
MACLEANS, 19 December 2012—Last month, in the Canadian national weekly magazine Mclean’s, journalist Katie Engelhart mused about why, “The much-quoted British politician still makes headlines—47 years after his death?”

She goes on to write, “When Winston Churchill was a young boy, he was convinced of his imminent importance. The late British prime minister ‘had a very strong sense that he was going to make his mark on history,’ says Natalie Adams, an archivist at the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge, England. ‘So he kept everything. And we have everything.'”

This sentiment is quite clearly evident in Churhcill’s, My Early Life, and in the many letter’s to his mother that have survived and are now part of the Churchill Archives.

“In October, Churchill’s personal papers were made available on the Internet. The archive is ‘the closest the U.K. has to a presidential library,’ said Jonathan Glasspool, managing director of the publisher Bloomsbury Academic. ‘Its publication online will become a landmark in 20th-century historical studies.’

Forty-seven years after his death, Churchill is still a regular newsmaker and a benchmark against which today’s leaders are endlessly measured. ‘Winston Churchill’s legacy is as enormous and as powerful as ever,’ says U.S. historian David Woolner, who worked on the digitization,'” Engelhart continued in her article.

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Newly Opened Churchill Bar and Terrace

The Hyatt Regency in London dedicates their new bar to Sir Winston. 
Churchill-Bar--Terrace-Hyatt-LondonThe Churchill Terrace, London ©The Daily Mail
THE DAILY MAIL, 17 December 2012—Journalist Bianca London reported in The Daily Mail last month on the new Churchill Bar & Terrace at the Hyatt Regency Hotel just off Oxford Street in London.

The bar serves plenty of classic cocktails, but the article points out that, “The real attraction is a specially commissioned life-size bronze of a young Winston Churchill entitled ‘In Conversation’ which sits out on the stylish heated terrace.”

The new sculpture was specially cast for the bar by renowned sculptor Lawrence Holofcener. Holofcener is the artist who created the celebrated sculpture “Allies” of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt sitting together on a park bench. The much photographed “Allies” is installed on Bond Street in London.

The design of the bar however is not the Churchill that most will remember, but reminiscent of a much younger Churchill.

Ms. London goes on to say in her article, “The venue has in fact been designed with a young Winston Churchill and his beloved wife Clementine in mind and every intricate detail serves as a mini history lesson—there is Churchill trivia in every nook and cranny and spotting them is half the fun of the place.”

“The design recognises, by way of contemporary touches, references to Churchill’s life in photography and art, in love and lifestyle and in travel and animals.”

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Finest Hour 157: Churchill and the French

This month we include two articles on Churchill and Napoleon from of our recent issue 157 of Finest Hour.

This month’s feature, from an upcoming issue our quarterly journal Finest Hour, includes two articles on Churchill and Napoleon.

The first article is authored by Allen Packwood, the Director of the Churchill Archives at Churchill College, Cambridge and the Executive Director of The Churchill Centre (UK), entitled A Tale of Two Statesmen. The second is from the Finest Hour archives; Napoleon Lives Again in “St Helena”, written by Winston S. Churchill, grandson of the Prime Minister.

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Great Grandson Duncan Sandys Pays a Visit to Portland Chapter

Mr Sandys is guest of honour for Oregon birthday dinner and discusses, “Winston Churchill Today”

By William D. Schaub

PORTLAND, 22 November 2012—The Arlington Club in Portland hosted fifty-nine members and guests of the society recently to honor the 138th birthday of Sir Winston S. Churchill.

This was the twentieth annual birthday dinner held by the Chartwell Society of Oregon, which was formed in 1992 and recently became an affiliate of The Churchill Centre.

In honor of the occasion, the special guest of the evening was one of Winston and Clementine Churchill’s great grandsons, Mr Duncan Sandys.

The evening was led by Master of Ceremonies and a Chartwell Society founder, John B. DesCamp Jr. Esq., and began with a presentation by Master Piper Jori Lance Chisholm of Seattle Washington.

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