April 15, 2012

Philadelphia Chapter rebounds as Naval War College Professor captures the attention of the crowd at the Union League Club.


By Earl Baker

On May 2, 2012, the Philadelphia Chapter of The Churchill Centre hosted a dinner attended by sixty Churchillians from Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The dinner and lecture were held in the Lincoln Memorial Room of the Union League in Philadelphia. It was an auspicious, revitalizing event for the chapter and the topic was one that drew a crowd.

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The honored guest and featured speaker for the evening was Dr. John Maurer, Chairman of the Strategy Department of the U.S. Naval War College (USNWC) in Newport, RI. Dr. Maurer, a devoted Churchillian, teaches an elective course at USNWC on Churchill and leadership. The subject of the evening’s talk was “Churchill, Roosevelt and the Road to Pearl Harbor.” The talk along with slide presentation captured the attention of the evening’s guests and was followed by a lively question and answer question session.

Lee Pollock, national Churchill Centre Executive Director, attended, as did Honorary British Consul Oliver Franklin, Jack Templeton, Bob Toll and Alan Miller. They along with Earl Baker, Bernie Wojciechowski, Colleen Sheehan and Colin Hanna formed the host committee for the event. Long time Churchillian Roger Deakin of the Connecticut Chapter also attended.

Toasts were offered to H.M. the Queen by Lee Pollock, to the President by former Congressman Joe Hoeffel, and to the spirit of Winston Churchill by Colin Hanna.

It is intended that educational programs will be offered in the region using a portion of the proceeds of the dinner. Earl Baker, who chaired the dinner, offered thanks to Dr. Maurer, for his outstanding presentation, Lee Pollock, Dan Myers and John David Olsen of The Churchill Centre for all their assistance and guidance in making the dinner such a success, and to Barbi Richardson of the DC Chapter for designing the program.

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