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Bulletin #42 – Dec 2011

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Churchill’s Daughter Lady Soames Remembers WWII (Watch)

BBC.COM, 13 November 2011—Lady Soames has spoken about her memories of World War Two in a recent interview with the BBC. Speaking with Andrew Marr on BBC One, she discusses how she was inspired to sign up for service because of a conversation between her father, Sir Winston Churchill and one of his generals.

Lady Soames also reminisced about her memories of the relationship between her father and the American president at the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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Rep Paul Ryan Speaks About America’s ‘Churchillian Moment’

The example of Winston Churchill continues to resonate with a wide variety of American political leaders. The Claremont Institute, a leading policy research organization based in Claremont, CA, recently presented its Churchill Award for Statesmanship to Cong. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Chair of the House Budget Committee, at its annual Churchill Dinner.. In 1990, Claremont’s first Churchill Award was given to the late Cong. Jack Kemp, a longtime Board Member and supporter of The Churchill Centre.

The Congressman’s subject was America’s “Churchillian Moment” and The Churchill Centre was asked to provide assistance with quotations and references. Ryan spoke about America’s fiscal and budgetary challenges and quoted Churchill’s first budget speech as Chancellor of the Exchequer which criticized excessive surtaxes. The Congressman noted Churchill’s devotion to telling the British people the truth about the country’s military preparedness during the 1930’s and described America’s current fiscal imbalance as our “gathering storm.” He cited Churchill’s observation that “There are two ways in which a gigantic debt may be spread over new decades and future generations……The right way would be to make the utmost provision for amortization which prudence allows.”

According to Cong. Ryan, Americans “need to take new inspiration from Churchill the leader, who saw what was at stake in the choices the people of his country had to make.” He stated that the United States is experiencing “our own ‘Churchillian moment’ – threatened, not by foreign aggression, but by a titanic fiscal imbalance that has the potential to crush America’s prosperity and diminish its capacity to lead the world.”

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BBC Radio 4’s Kirsty Young Interviews Robert Hardy

Listen in to to BBC Radio 4’s Kirsty Young interviewing the “Dean of Churchill Actors” Robert Hardy.

BBC RADIO 4, November 2011—Kirsty Young’s castaway is the actor Robert Hardy.

He became a household name as the vet Siegfried Farnon in the hit TV series All Creatures Great and Small and, to a younger generation, he is the Minister of Magic in the Harry Potter films. But the role he is best known for is Winston Churchill – he won a Bafta for his performance in Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years. He believes actors are born rather than made and his own ambitions crystallised when, as a very young boy, he was a page boy at a wedding: “I walked down the aisle with my head held high and as I went, every eye was turned towards me and something inside me said, “That’s it, get every eye on you”.

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World Focus: Churchill and Lapid

By Frank Shatz

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE, November 2011—Chartwell Bulletin, the official online organ of The Churchill Centre, in its latest issue (November) reported the formation of a new Churchill Society of Israel.

“It would be an affiliate of the worldwide Churchill Centre, enabling Churchillians in Israel to share their interest in the 20th century’s greatest statesman.”

The Society is being organized with the encouragement, and support of Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill’s official biographer.

Russell Rothstein, a long-time Churchill admirer and organizer of the Society, noted: “Churchill’s longstanding support of Zionism and friendship with Jewish people make it particularly appropriate that the modern State of Israel have a local organization devoted to his memory and to preserving his thoughts, words and deeds for future generations.”

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Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill Speak at the White House Tree Lighting 1941 (Listen)

Listen to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill speak at the White House tree lighting ceremony on Christmas Eve 1941, just 17 days after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Winston Churchill was visiting Washington, D.C. upon the US declaration of war on The Empire of Japan on the 8th December and on Germany on 11th of December.


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From the Archives of Finest Hour: Christmas with Churchill 1943

“A Triumph!” The 28th Int’l Churchill Conference is Held in London

By John David Olsen

The 28th International Churchill Conference was held in London the last week of October 2011 to glowing reviews. “A triumph!” exclaimed one participant.

The overarching theme of the two-day conference was the “Special Relationship” between the United Kingdom and the United States. Opinions of the speakers on the various panels ranged in views from “it is actually a ‘special’ relationship,” to others arguing that while it’s an “important” relationship, its not actually “special” and further afield, it was argued that its existence is a complete myth.

The evening before the conference began a dinner was held to present the “Churchillian of the Year” award. The award was presented to the Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards (accepted on his behalf by his deputy) and presented by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Nearly 350 people, including His Excellency The French Ambassador Bernard Emié, who also accepted an international award on behalf of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, attended the dinner. (The French President was a bit tied up on matters of Greece and the Euro.)

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Portland’s Churchillians Gather in Honor of Sir Winston’s Birthday

Editors Note:
Though the Chartwell Society of Portland is not an official affiliate of The Churchill Centre, we welcome Churchill news from all across the world. Should the group one day wish to become an affiliate they would certainly be warmly welcomed.


BY William D. Schaub, President, Chartwell Society of Portland, Oregon

Members of the Chartwell Society of Portland, Oregon assembled on November 29, 2011 at Arlington Club for their annual birthday dinner to honor the memory of Winston Churchill. Attending were 49 members and guests of the society, which was formed in 1992.

Led by Master of Ceremonies and a Chartwell founder, John B. DesCamp Jr. Esq., the evening began with a presentation by master piper Jori Lance Chisholm of Seattle Washington. Mr. Chisholm presented a medley of bagpipe tunes that would have been very familiar to Churchill including “Salute to Mr. Winston Churchill” composed by Pipe Major A. Lewis of the 10th Highland Light Infantry in 1947 and published in the Second Edcath Collection of Pipe Music. Jori is the three time United States Gold Medal piping champion, a member of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and the son of member Craig Chisholm.

The traditional dinner of roast beef, accompanied by Pol Roget champagne, select wines, Churchill Port and Hine cognac for the toasts, was presented in a room beautifully decorated for Christmas.

The tone of the evening was set by the draped flags of the United States, Great Britain and France, overlooked by the Karsh portrait of Sir Winston. The only item missing from the evening’s toasts was the fragrance of Romeo y Julieta Churchills which, in this age of political correctness, have been prohibited by the City of Portland for indoor consumption.

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The Churchill Pen Collection by Onoto

A perfect gift for any Churchillian

Inaugural Chapter Meeting Held in Ottawa


By Ronald I. Cohen

As I anticipated in the last Chartwell Bulletin, the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Ottawa (SWCSO) would be holding its inaugural meeting under the auspices of the British High Commissioner to Canada, His Excellency Dr. Andrew Pocock CMG , on November 30th. At that time, we hoped that the event would take place at Earnscliffe (the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister and the Residence of British High Commissioners to Canada since 1930). I say “hoped” because there had been a fire in the Residence on October 4th and it was unsure that Earnscliffe would be ready for guests by November 30th. In the end, it was ready and the SWCSO was privileged to be the first event in the refurbished Residence.

Not surprisingly, the event was oversubscribed. That said, the High Commissioner and his wife, Mrs. Julie Poccock, threw themselves into ensuring that the event would be a huge success, in every respect. The reception was elegant, energetic and enthusiastic. The choice of canapés served (including a Churchillian favourite, oysters on the half-shell, shucked to order) and the Pol Roger champagne were appropriate and delicious. The High Commissioner’s toast to the new Churchill Society was witty and heartfelt. Well-known columnist and professor Andrew Cohen gave a marvelous toast to the memory of Sir Winston. I said a few words about the goals of the Ottawa Society and, more important, had the privilege of introducing Allen Packwood, who gave a riveting address entitled “Why Bring Churchill Back to Canada”. Our speaker was thanked by Don Newman, one of the most highly-respected political journalists in Canada.

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Sixty New York City Teachers Attend Churchill Educational Seminars

By Suzanne Sigman

The Churchill Centre, in partnership with The Churchill Archives Centre (UK) and The Morgan Library and Museum, held two seminars in November for sixty teachers in New York City in advance of “Churchill: The Power of Words,” an exhibit from the Archives Centre opening June 8, 2012 at the Morgan. Arnie Mansdorf, a twenty-five year member of The Churchill Centre and the Lead Social Studies Teacher at the High School of American Studies, hosted the first seminar at his school on the Lehman College campus. The second was held in the Morgan Library’s Education Center, with support from Linden Chubin, the Morgan’s Director of Education and Marie Trope-Podell, Manager of Gallery Programs.

Allen Packwood, the Director of the Churchill Archive Centre opened each seminar with an excellent PowerPoint presentation introducing Churchill’s life and times using documents from the upcoming exhibit.

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Chartwell Branch News #13

Just in Time for Christmas: Levenger Selling Bookends of Churchill’s Racehorse Colonist II

Political races weren’t the only kind that Sir Winston Churchill thrived on. He also loved to race horses. His handsome Colonist II is immortalized (and miniaturized) in this bookend, impeccably detailed by the British sculptor Jon Bickley.

Colonist’s reins are leather and behind him, on a piece of fencing, hangs the hat that Sir Winston is wearing in the photo Levenger has reproduced. The quote is classic Churchill.

On the face of the bookends is quote by Churchill from 1949: “I told him this is a very big race and if he won it he would never have to run again but spend the rest of his life in agreeable female company.”

Visit the Levenger website for more information.

Over 100 Celebrate Churchill’s 137th Birthday in Boston; Listen Enthralled to Address by Barbara Leaming


Sir Winston S. Churchill’s 137th birthday was marked by a black tie reception and dinner November 30 at the Union Club of Boston, just around the corner from where Churchill spoke on his 1900-1901 lecture tour. At the end of a filet mignon dinner at which the President, the Queen and the Heroic Memory of Sir Winston S. Churchill were toasted, the audience listened enthralled to Barbara Leaming, author of Churchill Defiant: Fighting On 1945-1955, tell how she came to discover Churchill in the course of her research for another book and what she learned about Churchill’s qualities of political skill and perseverance as he staged an improbable comeback in the years 1945 to 1955. The New England Churchillians had selected this title for discussion at their 2011 summer picnic at Suzanne and Dan Sigman’s lakefront house.

A decade ago the 11th Duke of Devonshire handed Leaming volume I of Winston Churchill’s The World Crisis and told her, “Start here.” She had been interviewing Andrew Devonshire for a biography of John F. Kennedy. The duke was explaining the impact that Churchill had on JFK as a young man in 1938-39 in the run-up to World War II. This set Leaming to trace Churchill’s impact on JFK; the result was Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman, the first book to detail the influence of Winston Churchill on Kennedy’s intellectual formation and strategic thinking.

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Opening Prayer for The New England Churchillians Annual Sir Winston S. Churchill 137th Birthday Dinner


Saint Andrew’s Day, Wednesday 30 November A.D. 2011, 7 p.m.

The Union Club, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


– The Rev. W. Scott Axford, M.Div., Pastor of the First Universalist Church in Providence, R.I.; Member of the Churchill Centre.

+ + +

Almighty God,

before Whom all the nations stand, by Whose Grace we have been led into the sunlit uplands of enduring freedom, and through Whose Providence we have been made to know not dark days, but great days of prosperity and liberty– days which we shall long remember:

Bless, we pray, we here in New England, who would gather to keep this Anniversary Occasion, from the Thirtieth of November, prematurely, in 1874, of a Great Contemporary, the Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill; and all of our brothers and sisters in this Country, in the Commonwealth, and in the world round, who would keep green his legacy of commitment, character, and courage;

Renew, we ask, our defiance in defeat, our resolution in war, our magnanimity in victory, and our good will in peace– especially in times when those who are half-blind may seem rather far from being half-ready;

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