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Bulletin #35 – May 2011

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Churchill Centre Annual Report for 2010

Dear Churchill Centre Members and Friends:

We are pleased to present this Annual Report issue of Chartwell Bulletin. We thank our members most sincerely for their past support, and trust that we will continue to earn it in the future. For those of you who are not members but who share our interest in Winston Churchill, we hope that this Report will stimulate you to join us in support of the Centre’s mission.

Following is a summary of just some of the Centre’s major activities in furthering our goal of educating new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision and courage of Winston Spencer Churchill.

  • New Executive Directors & Organizational Structure: Lee Pollock, a dedicated Churchillian and member of our Board of Trustees has become Executive Director – U.S. Allen Packwood, who continues as Director of the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge, has assumed the same position in the U.K. Lee and Allen are ideally suited to these responsibilities and are bringing new energy, outstanding professionalism and bold vision to The Churchill Centre on both sides of the ocean. In addition, we have added new members to the Board of Trustees of The Churchill Centre/UK (TCC-UK) and created an Executive Committee to coordinate its activities in conjunction with Allen. Under their guidance, TCC-UK will soon be at least as robust an organization as its American counterpart. We are also pleased to announce that Lord Marland has assumed the role of Chairman of the U.K. Executive Committee, which also includes Stephen Rubin and David Boler.

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Letter to The Churchill Centre

I am very honored to have been selected as the recipient of the prestigious Blenheim Award. Looking at the blue-ribbon list of former honorees is a rather humbling experience and leaves one wondering – me? My years of involvement with the Centre have been both exciting and fulfilling, whether as a Governor or a Chapter Liaison, membership chairman or conference chairman.

From 27th International Churchill Conference 2011

Of course, one does not receive an award such as this by ones self, especially when managing conferences. The heart of a Churchill Centre conference is a team: Dan Myers, Mary Paxson and the chairman. I thank them and share with them the honor of the Blenheim Award.

Judy Kambestad


See all of the photos from the 27th International Churchill Conference here.


2011 Churchill Centre South Texas Scholarship Presentation


By Don Jakeway

The Churchill Centre South Texas chapter is honored to recognize the academic achievements of Douglas Slattery a graduating senior at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas!

Don Jakeway, President of the South Texas chapter presented the 2011 “Sir Winston S. Churchill” scholarship to Douglas in front of the Sir Winston S. Churchill Memorial Wall which was dedicated to the school last year as a gift from the members of the Churchill Centre South Texas chapter.

Douglas ranked in the top 10% of his class, 13th out of 638 students. He is a member of the National Honor Society and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is the Senior Class Treasurer, an AP Scholar and on the All District Academic Basketball Team. He is also on the Churchill High School basketball and football teams. Doug will attend the University of Texas – Austin and will major in Civil Engineering. In addition to the $500 scholarship, he was presented a personal copy of CHURCHILL: A LIFE, by Sir Martin Gilbert and a membership in our national organization, both a gift from Don and Alice Jakeway.

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Traveling with Churchill

How “Churchills Finest Hour 1940-1945” exhibition came to be

By Niels Bjerre

Click here to see additional photos of the opening event.

The opening of my new photo and fact exhibition “Churchills Finest Hour 1940-1945” at Bristol Central Library May 3th was at the end of a long journey.

My most recent exhibition about Churchill was in October 2000, with Mary Soames kind enough to open “Remember Winston Churchill” in Copenhagen. It marked the 50th anniversary of Churchill visit to the Danish capital in 1950. I created that together with René Højris; a keen collector of Churchill memorabilia. My first Churchill exhibition “Churchill – his life in pictures” was at The Royal Arsenal Museum in 1994, graciously opened by Robert Hardy.

Between these two about Churchill, I changed subject in 2007 when a created the exhibition “Eisenhower – general and diplomat” to coincide with the release of his book in Danish, “A Crusade in Europe”. Later, I took the exhibition to ten cities around Denmark.

Last summer I finally did have luck in getting some funding for a new Churchill exhibition and in the autumn I found out that it theme should be about Churchill´s war years 1940-1945. I wanted this Churchill exhibition to open in England.

It was first during a visit to Cabinet War Rooms in 1987 that inspired my interest in Churchill. The mission became clear; The Danes had never had an exhibition in Denmark about Churchill so why not create one? Like many other countries which were occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War, we see Churchill as the savior of the free world. Still moving to me are Churchill’s many wartime speeches; how he used them to succeed in kindling the spirit of the British people and rousing people everywhere to join the underground movements all over Europe.

I chose Bristol because Churchill paid a visit in April 1941 and we are now upon the 70th anniversary of this date.

In 1941 it was a large party that travelled with Churchill to the bomb-scared city, just days after heavy air raids by the German Luftwaffe. With Churchill were his wife Clementine and daughter Mary. Lady Soames recently recalled for me her visit; their arrival at the Central Railway Station to see that many people had turned up to greet them. The British people were surprised by all of Churchill´s travelling during the war and the arrangements were of course all kept secret to the very last minute.

Also there on April 12th were the American Ambassador to Great Britain, Gilbert Winant and the Australian Prime Minister Mr. Menzies. After Churchill had toured around parts of the city, they were each presented with honorary degrees at the University of Bristol.

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The Churchill Book Collector

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Churchill Centre UK – Chartwell Chapter Newsletter #8

ICS Canada News and Views, Summer, 2011, No 30

Dear Fellow Canadian Churchillians:


New Members

A very warm welcome is extended to the following new members: Kathy Burns; Barry Davenport; Reford MacDougall; Kenneth MacKay & Raymond Simpson.


Past Event

AGM – February 23rd, 2011

Chairman Randy Barber welcomed a new Director, Geoffrey Pollock, and recounted the actions of the Board during the past year. These included a joint project with our friends in The Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy, in making an application to Veterans Affairs Canada for a grant to assist R.H. Thomson in a project of Remembrance, honouring the 68,000 Canadian servicemen and women who died in WW1.


The speaker for the evening was Professor Peter Russell, who spoke on the “First Summit,” in August 1941, off the coast of Newfoundland. Peter explained that at the time Churchill thought the meeting a failure, as President Roosevelt would not commit to the United States entering the War. However it did take that a step further, and it resulted in the Atlantic Charter, which was the forerunner of the United Nations Charter.


Atlantic Charter Anniversary

For the 70 anniversary, the Atlantic Charter Foundation has a special event on August 14th. Details at


Annual Dinner – Thursday May 12th

A flyer was sent out in early in the year advising the speaker being Randolph Churchill, the Man of the 20th Century’s great grandson. Details are also on our web site.

Already a SELL OUT!

Sorry if you were disappointed.


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Terrance McGarry Dies at 72; Reporter, Editor at UPI and L.A. Times

Editor’s Note: Terry McGarry was a long-time member of the Churchill Centre.

Covering JFK’s assassination in 1963, he was with police when they found Lee Harvey Oswald’s sniper’s nest, and a few feet away when Oswald was shot in the jail. He later was an editor of The Times’ Valley edition.

By Dennis McLellan

LOS ANGELES TIMES, 27 April 2011 – Terrance W. McGarry, a former Los Angeles Times Valley edition reporter and assistant city editor whose previous work for United Press International included coverage of the assassination of President Kennedy, died Tuesday of a rare brain disease at his home in Encino. He was 72.

During his more than two decades with UPI, McGarry was a member of the wire service’s Dallas bureau when John F. Kennedy was shot on Nov. 22, 1963.

Reaching Dealey Plaza shortly after the shooting, McGarry was with the police when they discovered Lee Harvey Oswald’s sniper’s nest and rifle in the Texas School Book Depository.

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Churchillians-by-the-Bay Meet at the Munras Inn in Monterey, CA


by Gregory B. Smith

On March 12th, Churchillians-by-the-Bay met at the Munras Inn in Monterey, CA and enjoyed presentations by two men whose forebears were intimately involved with the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation. Steve Harper gave a presentation on his grandfather James Proctor’s involvement, along with a detailed narrative of the nine day evacuation with special emphasis on the small ships that participated, including the one captained by his grandfather, a Royal Navy Reserve volunteer. This was followed by a presentation by David Ramsay on his father, Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, the chief planner of the evacuation. It was noted that the two men, Proctor and Sir Bertram knew each other. David’s presentation gave an account of his father’s career and his key role in the Dunkirk evacuation.

Steve Harper then continued with a presentation on the Normandy invasion, and Ramsay’s role in it’s planning, emphasizing the theme of “good leadership and good planning.”

Q & A continued through lunch. About 30 attendees participated and a silent auction of Churchill books and items raised several hundred dollars for the organization.

Our next meeting on May 14th at the same location will feature Michael McMenamin, the author of the critically acclaimed book Becoming Winston Churchill. See the Calendar of Events for more information.

UK’s Annual General Meeting at Harrow Held with Over Forty Members in Attendance

By Allen Packwood, Executive Director of The Churchill Centre UK
The meeting at Harrow School on Saturday 16 April was attended by over forty members and their guests. The sun shone and we were able to enjoy spectacular views of London from the top of the famous hill. We were given a fascinating access all areas tour of the school by Dale Vargas, a former pupil, teacher and House Master, with added insights provided by former pupil Randolph Churchill. In the afternoon, Trustee Scott Johnson chaired the annual membership meeting, which elected a new Membership Committee comprising Morice Mendoza, Robert Courts, Derek Greenwell, Scott Johnson, and Allen Packwood.

Photo is comliments of Ms Grace Filby. To see all of Ms Filby’s photos from the event, follow this link.

The Churchill Centre UK – Notice Board, April 2011

In Memoriam. We record with the regret the death of member Peter Robertson (Northampton).


WSC (Postponed) Birthday Reception, 8th February 2011. This very successful event was held at the St Stephen’s Club in London and was attended by some 90 members and their guests. The Hon Celia Sandys introduced Robert Hardy, who spoke most entertainingly on how he prepared for playing the role of WSC, and Sir Martin Gilbert, who gave an inimitable commentary on important events in the life of WSC which had taken place on 8th February in various years. Lady Soames responded to the toast to the heroic memory of Sir Winston.

Harrow School Visit, 16th April 2011. Allen Packwood and Bridget Warrington look forward to meeting many of you at the Annual Membership Meeting at Harrow on Saturday 16th April. The main focus will be on touring the School and re-living WSC’s adventurous youth, but after lunch there will be a chance to discuss the new structure of The Churchill Centre – UK, to agree the composition of the Membership Committee for the year, and to hear more about the exciting events planned for October.

28th International Churchill Conference – London, 27th-28th October 2011. Allen Packwood is just back from Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended the wonderfully successful 27th International Churchill Conference. He knows it will be a hard act to follow, but is building up a powerful programme of public figures, leading academics, witness seminars and special events. These are detailed in the accompanying flyer, which also includes particulars of “The Inaugural ‘Churchillian of the Year’ Dinner”, to be held on Wednesday 26th October, immediately prior to the Conference. It is possible to register by post or on-line for the Award Dinner and the Conference via “The Churchill Centre – UK, c/o Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS”; E-mail, [email protected]; Tel, 01223-336153. Please note that there is a special discount rate for members attending both the Award Dinner and the Conference (a built-in 20% discount for all members attending the Award Dinner and – until 1st July only – a further 10% discount for those UK members also attending the Conference). Register early and the cost of attending the Conference and the Conference Dinner (not to be confused with the Award Dinner) will be just £225, with attendance at the formal sessions at £180 for two days and £112.50 for one day. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Accommodation is not included, but can be booked directly with the London Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel.




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Churchill Centre Ties

Ben Silver of Charleston produces the official Churchill Centre logo tie in both red and blue, and in regular four-in-hand and bow tie configurations. During our recent conference, we ran a special sale and sold out of our inventory of all ties. We are now considering re-stocking a variety of ties but before placing our order, we need an indication of interest. They are custom made just for us and are of the same quality as all Ben Silver merchandise, but at a discounted price. Please email Mary Paxson [email protected] by May 1, 2011, if you would be interested in purchasing one or more ties. From the time we place our order with Ben Silver, it will take between 8 and 12 weeks to get them in stock.

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