May 25, 2010

Chicago, Il, 23 May 2010

On May 23rd, the Chicagoland Chapter gathered for brunch at the Oak Brook Renaissance Hotel. Former US Rep Tom Ewing spoke regarding the founding and lifespan of the only college in American ever named for Winston Churchill. This follows Phil & Susan Larson’s article on the subject recently published in Finest Hour 146. Dean of Women and Fulbright Scholar Betty Lower, Steve Smith former student and Gary Krominga former student joined the group. 

Dr. Joe Troiani presented the First Annual Churchill Essay award to the contest winner, Nicole Aleman , a student at Rickover Naval Academy. Leanne Dumais, a history teacher at Rickover, was selected to attend the 2010 Winston Churchill Anglo-American Relationships Summer Institute and also attended the brunch.

The Churchill Essay Award was designed in metal by Dr. Joe Troiani, with the likeness of Winston Churchill.

The Chicagoland Chapter will meet again around 30 November of this year.

A tribute, join us




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