December 5, 2017

The Churchill 2015 Global Leadership Programme launched on 3 March at the Churchill War Rooms in London.

Eminent international panels have been established by participant organisations who each ‘own’ a global-strategic theme, and produce a short report. Find out more about the programme, panels, organisations and experts involved here.

Introduction to the Programme

Nigel Hall, Director of the 21st Century Statesmanship Global Leaders programme, explains the programme as ‘a fitting response to this chaotic world’:

‘By the month, world developments and events threaten international peace and security and reinforce the call for new order, 21st century leadership and statesmanship. We live in a decentralized world where society’s acceptance of centralized top-down leadership continues to erode. World trends decline in respect and support of established political institutions across Western democracies. We face asymmetric challenges, wicked problems, such as climate change and unjust societies, and yet thankfully science, technology and innovation amongst other things give us cause for hope … Never perhaps has there been a greater need to redefine leadership across the wide spectrum of our society … politics, education, religion, business, our welfare and medical services, right the way through to culture and the arts and even to sports. Over the next five months, seventeen panels involving a humbling and exciting mix of leaders and experts will investigate their chosen global and strategic themes …’ (Nigel Hall, Director of the Global Leaders Programme).

Watch the Entire Launch Event

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