August 22, 2018

Deadline for submission of proposal is: 15 September 2018

The International Churchill Society (ICS) is requesting proposals for the filming and video production of a series of interviews.

Project Overview

Project Description

The International Churchill Society (ICS), to build upon the successful effort of the National Churchill Library and Center’s (NCLC) interview series, is implementing a regular program of interviews on topical matters conducted by well-respected, well-known members and friends of the ICS and allied organisations. These interviews will be conducted on both sides of the Atlantic, primarily but not exclusively, in London and Washington, D.C.

In an effort to increase awareness of the relevance of Winston Churchill in today’s fast-changing and increasingly unpredictable world, events will potentially be live streamed, video podcasted, posted on the ICS and partner websites and as frequently as possible, televised by organisations such as C-SPAN/PBS (US), CBC (Canada), BBC/ITV (UK) or other suitable broadcast and cable TV channels.

National WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City

2022 International Churchill Conference

Join us at the National WWI Museum for the 39th International Churchill Conference. Kansas City, October 6-8, 2022

In addition to live streaming the events in the series, ICS will be creating a video, in a television magazine format, from each of the interviews. The video will be used to inform, educate and to promote the ICS generally.

This Series will build on the efforts of the ICS and the National Churchill Library and Center’s (NCLC) ‘Churchill Conversations’, the conversation at the ICS New York dinner between Tom Brokaw and Madeleine Albright, the conversation between Churchill granddaughter Celia Sandys and Lady Williams at the 2017 ICS International Churchill Conference and the conversation between Lord Marland and Sir John Major at the 2017 ICS (UK) London Dinner.

A list of the past NCLC events can be found here


The live footage should be in a multi-camera format and the final cut of the videos should be in the format of a contemporary magazine segment. Through the graphics, still shots, music and editing process, they should display a sense of history and nostalgia, taking into account Winston Churchill’s historical global impact but should also demonstrate the qualities that he embodied that continue to be relevant in the 21st century. Perseverance, dedication, determination, adaptability and leadership are a few of the qualities that Churchill possessed in vast quantities.

Each of the interviews that will be conducted will be with political and academic figures relevant to contemporary society.  Many will be friends or allies of the ICS and through the editing process, they are to be shown in the best light. The videos will not include any ‘gotcha’ moments or the highlighting of any potential misspeaking.

Examples of Previous ICS Video Projects

Promo video for Queen Mary Exhibition
‘Why Study Churchill?’

Examples of Video Project Similar to What ICS Wants to Achieve

Goals and Objectives

The ICS is a membership-based organisation that relies on dues, sponsorships and donations. The videos should not only inform and educate but inspire viewers to get more involved in the work of the ICS.

The objectives of this project are to fulfil the mission of keeping the memory of Winston Churchill alive, promoting the society and the annual conference generally, and with the specific aims of gaining new members, donors and sponsors.

The video producer is encouraged to convey the video narrative in whatever style feels most appropriate: voiceover, interviews, stop motion animation, etc.

The video must be non­-partisan but not necessarily apolitical.


As one might imagine, membership in the ICS is, in general, an older demographic, most of whom are well read or even experts on the subject. With this interview series, we wish to reach viewers that are somewhat or completely unfamiliar with Churchill. When the interview highlights information about Churchill, the approach that we would like to take is to include beginner and entry-level aspects of him and his career that might be of interest to students and others interested in history, politics and leadership.


In order to attempt to reach our target demographic, we plan to stream the live footage, podcast and upload the videos to the ICS YouTube and Vimeo channels. We will also widely distribute them on all social media channels. ICS has a growing presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About the International Churchill Society

The International Churchill Society (ICS), founded in 1968 shortly after Churchill’s death, is the world’s preeminent member organisation dedicated to preserving the historic legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.

The Society’s many activities are conducted through a wide range of publications and programs. The Society’s local chapters in over forty cities around the world hold regular meetings and dinners, host author lectures and engage with students and teachers in their communities.

The Society is participating in the development of the National Churchill Library (NCLC) and Center at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. This important facility provides a long-desired permanent home for Churchill studies, scholarship and education in the heart of Washington, DC, featuring exhibit space, a comprehensive research collection of materials about Churchill’s life and legacy and a wide range of programming including lectures, seminars and conferences.

In 2016, the Society and the National Churchill Museum (NCM) at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, formed an alliance to better preserve the legacy of Winston Churchill.  The Society, the NCLC, and NCM will share research and programming resources, and items from the Museum’s superb collection will be loaned on a rotating basis to the Library in Washington.

Outreach to students and teachers is a key part of the Society’s activity. Our educational programs have included seminars for high school teachers held in cities across the United States and the United Kingdom, with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, at the Churchill Archives at Churchill College, Cambridge; lectures and seminars hosted in conjunction with other prominent organizations such as the Aspen Institute and the American Political Science Association.

For further information, see this page.

Scope of Work


The video producer will deliver the final cut in desired formats including, but not limited to: MP4, MPEG, and web­ compatible formats. The finished product will include broadcast quality video to be aired at ICS events, posted on the ICS website and distributed through social media and the ICS monthly email newsletter.


ICS would like to have a rough cut within ten business days of the interview taking place and a final cut seven days thereafter.


The budget range that ICS has allocated for each interview video is approximately US$3,000-8,000/£2,500-6,000. We expect that there will be 8-10 videos in this series.


Technical Requirements

  • The videos should be three to eight minutes in length.
  • The video should include music and creative graphics.
  • Video must be broadcast­ HD quality.
  • Video must be able to be reduced in size without sacrificing quality.
  • Video must be able to be used on the ICS website as well as through multiple videos and social media platforms.

Contractor Requirements

The video producer will be expected to be in contact with ICS staff through all phases of project execution, meeting as needed in person, by phone, Skype or email and providing progress updates. The video producer will be expected to produce all elements of the video, which may include, but are not limited to scripting, voicing, lighting, graphics, animation, editing, coding, and music.

The video producer will be required to secure its own production facilities and equipment. Any assignment or subcontracting by the selected video producer for the work to be performed, or goods and/or services to be provided, in whole or in part, and any other interest in conjunction with this request for proposal is permitted with the express written consent of the ICS.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals must include:

  1. Introduction summarising production resources, and relevant experience.
  2. Examples and samples of past projects, preferably of a similar size and scope.
  3. References from past projects.
  4. Proposed budget for the project. The proposed budget should include a suggested work plan and a breakdown of fees for professional services, hours, and administrative services, including travel and taxes.
  5. Proposed schedule for the project, including project stages, milestones and payments.
  6. Proposed vision for the video (i.e. broad concepts on what the final product may look like).
  7. Identify you or your company’s point of contact, including name, title, phone, and e­mail.


Selection Criteria

Proposals received will be evaluated by the ICS on the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience in creative video development, production and post­production aimed at a diverse and international audience of historians and history enthusiasts, academics, innovators and students.
  • Understanding the purpose and the scope of this video project.
  • Original and creative approach.
  • Expected timeline for completing the project.
  • Demonstration of cost-effective approaches to video production.
  • In line with the proposed budget.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate resources, equipment and required staffing for video production and post­production.

Proposal Submission

Please send all materials via email to the contact below.

Proposal Timeline

Deadline for submission of a proposal to the ICS is 15 September 2018, including one round of Q&As. A second round of Q&As may be arranged for shortlisted candidates. It is anticipated that the selection will be completed by 1 October 2018.


John David Olsen
The International Churchill Society
[email protected]
Skype: john1000usa
US +1 323-205-5595
AU +61 401 92 7878

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