July 1, 2009

Churchill’s speech at the Conservative Party Rally

Ibox Park, Glasgow, 20 May 1949

Anyone who believes Churchill was ‘past it’ after 1945 has only to view this excerpt from a speech full of powerful rhetoric and humour, punctuated with the loaded pauses and gestures which were his trademark. Two and one-half years later, the Conservatives would return to office–and Churchill to Downing Street.

Excerpt: “I hope we shall continue to call ourselves the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations. In this title there is room for all and none need be repelled or slighted by its terms. Lamentable disasters have occurred in India, Burma, and Palestine. The Conservative Party cannot be held responsible for these disasters, but is bound all the same to face the consequences. We have no choice but to accept what has happened. We must look to the future. We accept the settlement…under which India will come forward as a republic within the circle of our Commonwealth of Nations, and we will do all we can to crown this remarkable adventure with success.”

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