August 19, 2021

Although he was given presents of more cigars than he could ever smoke, Churchill also spent a considerable amount of money on Havana cigars.

Among his suppliers were James J. Fox. Purveyors of fine specialist cigars to Churchill and others, including Oscar Wilde and British and European royalty, James J. Fox have been trading for over 225 years from 19 St James’s Street, London. See the Freddie Fox Museum, with Churchill’s ledger of account at the shop, the chair he sat in while selecting his favourite cigars and other memorabilia.

The cigar maker, Davidoff, have created a Winston Churchill Collection, naming each of the cigar formats after places that played important roles in his life – Marrakesh, No 10, Chequers, Blenheim, Chartwell – and two ‘planes, the Spitfire and the Lancaster! Although Churchill was most famous for enjoying cigars from Havana, the Winston Churchill collection is made up of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

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