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BBC Radio 4: Churchill’s Passions Narrated by Andrew Roberts

Now available on BBC Radio 4, “Churchill’s Passions: – five 15 minute essays written and narrated by Andrew Roberts from his new book Churchill: Walking with Destiny.

Episode 1: Churchill’s motivation and sense of destiny.

Episode 2: The influence of Lord Randolph on his son
Episode 3: Churchill’s friendships
Episode 4: Churchill’s tendency to weep/cry
Episode 5: Churchill’s wit and sense of humour

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The Sinews of Peace (“Iron Curtain” Speech) [Audio]

Germany’s Unconditional Surrender

Victory in Europe Day

America’s Thanksgiving Day

The Fruits of 1944

Road to Victory

A Sense of Crowd and Urgency

October 28, 1943. House of Commons, London.

Here Churchill sets out his trenchant view on the very characteristics of the House of Commons and on the planned rebuilding of the Chamber, destroyed by an enemy bomb on the night of 10 May 1941.

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The Gift of a Common Tongue (Audio)

Broadcast from Quebec

We Accept No Reward and We Will Accept No Compromise

June 30, 1943. The Guildhall, London.

Receiving the Freedom of the City of London.

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Heavier Work Lies Ahead (Second Address to US Congress)

May 19, 1943. Joint Session of Congress, Washington, D.C.

On 13 May Allied Forces completed their Northern African Campaigns, achieving total victory. Churchill commented in The Hinge of Fate: ‘The sense of victory was in the air. The whole of North Africa was cleared of the enemy. A quarter of a million prisoners were cooped in our cages. Everyone was very proud and delighted. There is no doubt that people like winning very much.’ On 16 May the Royal Air Force, in a brilliant raid deep into Germany, destroyed the Möhne and Eder dams, causing widespread flooding and destruction to the Ruhr Valley. It was under these auspicious circumstances that Churchill addressed the US Congress for the second time.  Read More >


National Address

The Bright Gleam of Victory (Audio)

Singapore Has Fallen

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