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Margate – Tories Conference 1953 An example of the style of Churchill's speech

Watch newsreel footage of the Conference, with some of Churchill’s speech, here. Churchill stops his speech to take a drink and then says: ‘I don’t often do that’. After laughter and applause, he then adds, with perfect comedic timing, ‘I mean, when I’m making a speech’.

© British Pathé

Lady Churchill Unveils Parliament Bust Oscar Nemon bust is unveiled in the Lobby of the UK's Parliament

In 1969, four years after Sir Winson Churchill died, a full-size bust of the former Prime Minister was unveiled in the Lobby of the UK’s Parliament. The bust by the artist by Oscar Nemon, creator of some of the most iconic Churchill sculptures.

© British Pathé

Churchill on the First Ten Weeks of WWII

Winston Churchill broadcasts on the situation after the first ten weeks of war

In 1939, Winston Churchill was the First Lord of the Admiralty. Here in archival newsreel footage he broadcasts an update of the war.

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Churchill and the Queen Mary

Churchill loved travelling by sea and the Queen Mary was one of his favourites

Watch rare footage of Winston Churchill in this short film as he becomes PM to lead Britain and her allies through WWII. Churchill travelled across the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary on three occasions during the war, outrunning the German U2 boats, to keep the Grand Alliance intact. For more detail on the story, see this article from Finest Hour magazine Churchill Afloat – Liners and the Man.

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary sailed on her Maiden Voyage in 1936 from Southampton, England to New York City. In 31 years of plying the North Atlantic Ocean in war and peace, in fair weather and foul, the Queen Mary would become the most legendary ocean liner the world has ever known.

Winston Churchill enjoyed travelling in grand style by sea and crossed the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary three times during the Second World War. For security reasons during the war, Churchill was known by the alias ‘Colonel Warden’ while at sea. He even signed the D-Day Declaration while aboard the Queen Mary. In the post-war period, he traversed the Atlantic six more times aboard the Queen Mary or her sister ship Queen Elizabeth.

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Until Victory is Won

Palace, London, 12 June 1941

Speech to a Conference of Dominion High Commissioners and Allied Countries’ Ministers at St. James’s

For the transcript, see The Unrelenting Struggle, London: Cassell, 1942, 161.

Churchill Visits Paris Winston Churchill visits Paris on Armistice Day 1944


Winston Churchill Visits the United States February 1952

Churchill at the first Quebec Conference 26 August 1943

Churchill at Harvard 6 September 1943

Allied Victory Parade Allied Victory Parade in London, 10 June 1946

Churchill in Miami Beach 12 January 1946

Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports Winston Churchill visits Dover

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