August 2, 2010

Applications for Travelling Fellowships for British citizens from the Winston Churchhill Memorial Trust for 2011 in London

Each year the trust awards some 100 Travelling Fellowships to UK Citizens to travel overseas to undertake study projects related to their profession, trade or particular interest.

To travel in 2011, click on one of the 10 categories and apply now with a relevant overseas project.


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1. Before applying to one of our categories please check our criteria below to ensure that you are eligible to apply for a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust grant.
2. All applicants must be British citizens (British Nationality Act 1981), and resident in the UK.
3. Anyone aged 18 and above at interview, and in any occupation can apply.
4. No qualifications are required as every application is judged on the individual themselves and the merit of the project.
5. Applications are only considered for individual projects although expedition leaders may also apply under the Adventure, Exploration & Leaders of Expeditions category.

6. Applicants must demonstrate that their project will bring real benefit to others in their community and in so doing to the UK.
7. Fellowship grants for ‘gap year’ activities, courses, academic studies or student grants will not be considered. This includes electives, degree placements, internships and post-graduate studies, unless real and wider benefits to others in the UK can be demonstrated.
8. Grants will usually cover a stay overseas of between 4 to 12 weeks. Applications for less than 4 weeks will not be considered.
9. The Trust prefers to award Fellowships to people unlikely to obtain funding from other sources.
10. Existing Churchill Fellows may not re-apply.


How to apply:

Apply online


For more information, Contact:

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

29 Great Smith Street (South Door)

London, SW1P 3AZ

Telephone: 0207 799 1660

Fax: 0207 799 1667

Email: [email protected]

Fellowship deadline:

Applications close on 5th October 2010




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