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The Bengali Famine

The editors of Finest Hour wish to bestow their 2008 Utter Excess Award on MWC (“Media With Conscience”) News in Vancouver for its November 18th editorial by Gideon Polya, charmingly entitled, “Media Lying Over Churchill’s Crimes”

“Churchill is our hero because of his leadership in World War 2,” Polya writes, “but his immense crimes, notably the WW2 Bengali Holocaust, the 1943-1945 Bengal Famine in which Churchill murdered  6-7 million Indians, have been deleted from history by extraordinary Anglo-American and Zionist Holocaust Denial.”

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A Fresh Case of “Generational Chauvinism”

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LONDON, APRIL 18TH: From today’s Times: “Anybody repeating the bonkers mantra that Beijing 2008 will re-run the 1936 Nazi Olympics might reconsider some other racial views of that era, such as Winston Churchill’s considered opinion that ‘Chinks’ and ‘dirty baboos’ in the East needed a good thrashing with ‘the sjambok.'”


This intriguing remark sent us scurrying to our scans of 50 million words by and about Winston Churchill including all of the latter’s books, articles, speeches and published papers.


“Chinks” comes up 21 times, mostly in relation to chinks in walls or armour, only once in relation to the Chinese. “Baboos” has nine appearances, mostly in the words of Churchill’s father, Lord Randolph. The only WSC quotation with both epithets is from Andrew Roberts, Eminent Churchillians (London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1994):

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