November 22, 2011

Listen in to to BBC Radio 4’s Kirsty Young interviewing the “Dean of Churchill Actors” Robert Hardy.

BBC RADIO 4, November 2011—Kirsty Young’s castaway is the actor Robert Hardy.

He became a household name as the vet Siegfried Farnon in the hit TV series All Creatures Great and Small and, to a younger generation, he is the Minister of Magic in the Harry Potter films. But the role he is best known for is Winston Churchill – he won a Bafta for his performance in Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years. He believes actors are born rather than made and his own ambitions crystallised when, as a very young boy, he was a page boy at a wedding: “I walked down the aisle with my head held high and as I went, every eye was turned towards me and something inside me said, “That’s it, get every eye on you”.

BBC Producer: Leanne Buckle.

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