December 2, 2010

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, 19 November 2010 – Sir Winston Churchill spent a disturbed night last night [Nov. 17]. But those who went to see the former Prime Minister, who broke a small bone in his back in a fall late Tuesday night, reported that he is cheerful – although a bit bored at being kept in bed. A medical bulletin issued at 12.40 p.m. said: “Sir Winston Churchill has had a rather disturbed night, but his spinal injury is progressing satisfactorily and is giving no anxiety.” The “small bone” doctors reported as being broken has not been identified. Among those who visited Sir Winston today was his daughter, Mrs. Christopher Soames. “Sir Winston,” she said, “is bored by being in bed and his back is a little painful. But he seemed fine and in good spirits and there is no cause for worry.” Mrs. Soames, wife of the Minister of Agriculture, also said he probably had one of his cigars after lunch.

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