March 27, 2024

Finest Hour 198, SPECIAL ISSUE 2022

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“Those who serve Supreme Causes must not consider what they can get but what they can give.”

The International Churchill Society (ICS), America’s National Churchill Museum (ANCM), and the National Churchill Leadership Center (NCLC) need your support. The reputation of Sir Winston Churchill and the institutions of democracy he so eloquently defended are under unprecedented attack.

Please help us continue our mission to educate new generations about the continuing relevance of Churchill’s life and legacy. We work every day with people around the world to keep the historical record accurate and the memory green.

You can designate your donation to support either ICS, ANCM, or NCLC.

There are three ways to do this:

1. Use the remit envelope attached to this magazine

2024 International Churchill Conference

Join us for the 41st International Churchill Conference. London | October 2024

2. Go to

3. Call us at +1 (202) 929–0309

Let us go forward together!

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