May 3, 2023

Finest Hour 197, Third Quarter 2022

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Churchill Fellow and long-time member of the Board of Governors of the Association of Churchill Fellows Richard J. Mahoney has given the gift of words—Churchill’s words—and has completed his much-anticipated second edition of The Quotable Winston Churchill, published by America’s National Churchill Museum.

From the man who mobilized the English language and took it to war—and peace— comes this collection of maxims.

Edited by Richard J. Mahoney with Shera Dalin and Audrey Mahoney, this new hardback edition includes a remembrance by the late Margaret Thatcher. It is now available exclusively through America’s National Churchill Museum.

Winston S. Churchill is best understood through his own observations, comments, anecdotes, and witty repartee. The quotes represent a modern sensibility set in an American context for contemporary readers. They include some of Sir Winston’s most famous utterances and some that give readers a glimpse into the endearing, compassionate leader of the United Kingdom during a period of intense strife.

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This new edition of the museum’s bestseller contains new and authenticated material and can be ordered from America’s National Churchill Museum here.

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