July 22, 2022

Finest Hour 194, Fourth Quarter 2021

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Jennie Churchill presented the first Young Churchillian Leadership Award at the 2021 International Churchill Conference to Zac Du Boulay. Zac was a co-winner of first prize in the 2020 “Inspire Like Churchill” competition, which the International Churchill Society organized as a means of encouraging people around the world to take heart from the example of Winston Churchill during the Covid pandemic.

Zac chose as the recipient of the $5000 prize money the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children (GOSH), where he had been treated as a small child for Moebius Syndrome, a rare form of facial paralysis. At first, doctors did not believe that Zac would ever be able to speak, and eating would be a difficulty. Through persistent effort, Zac has developed his speaking skills as well as a healthy appetite.

Building on his competition prize, Zac has continued to solicit donations for GOSH and has now raised a phenomenal £11,000. This sustained effort of going above and beyond his initial efforts to assist GOSH earned him the distinction of becoming the first ever recipient of the Young Churchillian Leadership Award. Zac and his mother Annabel attended this year’s conference in London as guests of the Churchill Society and were photographed with the officers of the Queen’s Royal Hussars.

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