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Letters – Finest Hour 188

Finest Hour 189, Third Quarter 2020

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NANTUCKET—I’ve had a chance to devour the new edition on Churchill’s Prime Ministers. Loved the whole issue especially David Cameron’s introductory article. Big Congrats! Loved being a minor contributor.—Chris Matthews

TORONTO—Not being either a political or academic historian (my degree was sixty-nine years ago in forestry!), I had but a general concept of British history. This issue has made fascinating reading for me. You managed to collect an impressive lot of authors to detail WSC’s connection with 100+ years of varied, often difficult to follow, British parliamentary history. It is a masterful brief survey, for which I congratulate you. It must have been quite a task to tie it all so well together by having the story of each of the ten prime ministers told in a logical sequence. For us amateurs in the field, it is a fascinating read, so thank you.—Fraser M. McKee, CDR, RCNR (Ret.)

BALMORAL—[25 September 1928, to Clementine] My darling One, Here I am not at all tired by a racketing journey….I caught the Scottish Express at 12.45 a.m. at Rugby & motored on here this morning from Perth—a beautiful drive. There is no one here at all except the [Royal] Family, the Household & Queen [i.e., Princess] Elizabeth aged 2. This last is a character. She has an air of authority & reflectiveness astonishing in an infant.

The King [George V] is well—but ageing. He no longer stalks but goes out on the hill where the deer are moved about for him, & it may be that some loyal stag will do his duty. He and the Q [i.e., Queen Mary] asked much after you. With tender love, your devoted —W[inston]

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