December 12, 2016

Finest Hour 174, Autumn 2016

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Churchill in Iceland

REYKJAVIK—The President of Iceland was delighted to receive representatives of the Churchill Club of Iceland and be presented with copies of Finest Hour containing Magnús Erlendsson’s article about Churchill’s visit to our country.
—Árni Sigurðsson

Churchill in Stratford

HITCHIN, HERTFORDSHIRE— With regret I write to inform you that my father, Jack Darrah, passed away peacefully on 27 September 2016. Dad was ninety-one. During his lifetime he had many hobbies and interests. Winston Churchill had been an inspiration to him, and he was so proud to live to see his collection placed at the Stratford Armouries. Thank you to everyone in the Churchill fraternity, who has been in contact since Dad’s passing, and also for the support over the years.
—Carol Harwood

2024 International Churchill Conference

Join us for the 41st International Churchill Conference. London | October 2024

2016 Churchill Conference Washington, D. C., 27–29 October

From Sir Winston’s Granddaughter

NEW YORK CITY—Congratulations on all you did to make the conference such a resounding success! I enjoyed it tremendously.
—Edwina Sandys

From Sir Winston’s Great-grandson

CROCKHAM HILL, KENT—The Roman Empire would have been so proud of how magnificently you orchestrated the entertainment in Circus Maximus in Washington. You had presidential candidates slaying each other with blood everywhere. The conference you masterminded was vibrant, dazzling, inspiring!
—Randolph Churchill

From Ike’s Biographer

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA— Many thanks for inviting me to the Churchill conference. I enjoyed it very much and was pleased to meet many of the leading Churchillians. I’d be more than happy to join future conferences. It was much fun, and I learned a lot too.
—Professor William I. Hitchcock

From Truman’s Biographer

ATHENS, OHIO—I enjoyed the experience enormously! You’ve built a great organization.
—Professor Alonzo Hamby

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